Mumbai food

Mumbai adventure is continuing… So what about food ?

We have started our indian trip with the hotel check-in. We have asked hotel guy for coffee. He brought us coffee. Unique coffee which is made in Indian way

coffee –> hot water –> milk = ± European coffe,
hot milk –> packet with coffee = Mumbai coffee.

It is milk with coffee smell, not the coffee, but it tastes !

Our day consists of three eating usually. First goes breakfast, it is hotel breakfast, nothing interesting about it. Egg hotel guy is five times slower then Egypt egg guy,

Indian's food

Second time of eating, let’s call it lunch. We are preferring vegetarian food for lunch, we are in in India, where vegetarian food cult is very strong. Our first Indian lunch was pretty extreme, it was the local cafe. For example you can see rats on the floor. After 3 days in India, nothing can shock you. Moreover everywhere food costs approximately the same price and you get the same food. Only pay attention to the fact, if there are some visitors in restaurant !

The name for all dishes usually means nothing. Ask officiant to recommend, sometimes they just going over entire menu, but you can be lucky and they will recommend something delicious. Food can be spicy, but tasty spicy, not extreme spicy. Our lunch is something like this,

Indian's food

Dinner can be non-vegetarin. One Indian guy said to us, “Chicken is not meat”. Want to taste something delicious, Chicken Tikka is absolutely great. If you do not know what to order, try chicken tikka ! It was one of the best chicken, I’ve ever eat !

Chicken Tikka

For the evenings we can go with beer. The interesting fact, that two beers cost the same price you pay for 3 people dinner. 300 rupies cost for 2 beers – 7 dollars, the same prices you can pay for dinner. Motorickhaws cost 15 rupies. Good local beer is Kingfisher. Usually Indian people drink strong 10% bear, but it is too strong for us. Middle 5% beer is pretty enough. Kingfisher can easily compete with Latvian brands.

To respect local people, we are trying to eat with right hand, only right hand. When you are finished, officiant brings you plate with warm water and lime in it, to wash you right hand. Before trip to India, one colleague asked me, “Bring me chewing gum from India. They should have different Chewing gum”. Yes they have completely different chewing gum,

Indian's food

These things are very tasty and makes breath very fresh. If you will go to the same place second time, all officiants recognize you, like they meet old fried, and even remember what you have ordered yesterday…

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  1. I heard from Nora that there was something interesting about train. Tell about it too 😉


  2. Journey with train and walk in suburbs are really unforgettable.


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