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Curitiba bus system

Your city is overcrowded with cars, (tube) rail infrastructure is not possible.

With limited finances and some piece of the imagination, there could be different solutions.

Very interesting approach is realized in Curitiba (Brazil), they have built their own tube, but instead of trains there is a bus.

Bus stops look like tube station,


The way people get inside the bus, only from these stations (tickets are not sold at bus). You do not need to pay for new ticket, when you are changing the bus on the crossroaded bus stop, this could be even more flexible then european approach (when you have ticket, say for 1 or 2 hours, it varies in different cities). Buses are going each after 90 seconds.

Of course with Latvian streets, the buses like in Curitiba (capacity 270 people) are impossible.

The second problem we have chaotic routes system, it is very difficult to understand the structure of bus routes. Moreover there are different routes that are in fact connected, when part of route is going by the same way of other route, but you are not able to change the bus for free. Mostly all buses are going from the central station to district, but it could be worth to try separate buses into two parts,

– first part that is operating in the center and on the boarders of big districts, these should go more frequently;
– second part, that is operating in the city districts, frequency of the buses there should be connected with the number of people leaving there.

The main problem there are additional resources required to reconsider all that stuff, as well it would be very difficult to change traditional routes and habits (as granny is used to use bus number 3, there will be shock, when bus 3 will not come any more or she will need to change it).


By the way, welcome back.

Say some bad words for someone, when someone is waking up.

The best way to ruin the mood for all morning or even day. 

You can go faster, but I can go anywhere.

It is about Land-Rover Defender, not about my car.

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Happiness, positive boost.

Let’s say NO to issues, at least for one week. Too much issues for the recent time, it is hard to forget about them, but I will try to post positive posts at least for one week (at least most of them).

What is happiness for you ?

When I asked this question to myself previously, it was pretty hard to find the answer.

Time ago I found the answer for myself, the happiness is harmony.

When harmony is reached, different options and values harmony. Everybody views and expectations makes these options and values different for specific case. As too much positive could be bad, as well too less negative could be bad too. The same harmony is important or even vital for other things, like music for instance. I like to hear music – music with harmony, but I have my own expectations and views for the different options quantity, that makes harmony.

Genetic or parenting/education child.

I had a interesting conversation about the topChildic “genetic or parenting child”.

It is not of the worst choice that might have person, who has almost anything he/she can wish. For instance, imagine you have good wife, child, friends, home, job, then one day somewhere you get the information, that child genetically is not yours, but it was changed after the birth and your genetically child has other parents, not you.

Well, most likely you will have one of the most complicated choice in your life. As on the one side the human, whom you commended years and efforts to educate him/her on the way, that is looking right for you. Most likely my choice and opinion to avoid such situation, another human with different education, but with “your blood”. As well you have to consider other parents view, as there is 50% probability, that they will have action at all, but it consists of different factors that are not related directly to you. I think that I would stay and not change the current situation, because this child is yours more. As he/she has your education, he/she lived in your environment, he/she has shared life with you.

Hm, such theory means that “blood” relatives relations is the “artificial” thing (for me), but someone certainly would have another choice.

P.S. Inspired by Marina.

P.P.S. Sorry for the typos, spell-checking feature is disabled by default on Camino.