Three crazy men walking down to Mumbai suburbs [II]

Today’s walk was one of the most extreme and emotional for recent years. 4 hours walk down to Thane [Mumbai] suburbs opens a window to undiscovered world.

Mumbai [Thane] walk

We meet 0 white people, we meet 0 foreign tourist. We meet hundreds of Indians, from 4-year boy preparing and selling fruits on the street old man repairing shoes, guys manufacturing suspicious stuff with funky tools, young mother with 1-month children, motorickshaws beeping constantly, posh men and women in expensive clothes… It looks like we were first white people walking down by these roads for recent time.

Mumbai workers

We go to eat to Indian restaurant. OK, it is not restaurant, let’s call it indian authentic place to eat food, where you can meet only local people. They were dazed and confused, when we entered and took places in their place. A lot of flews, very hot and weird procedures from officiants [like cleaning hands with your tablecloth after giving you a meal]. Despite of all these factors food was nice, more and more I like spicy food. Indian spicy food is few levels above of indian food in Latvia or Poland. Try some Indian sauces they are very nice.

Indian's food

If you will sometime go to Mumbai for travel. Besides visiting all tourists and famous historical places, find time and go to local inhabitants district, like we did in Thane [probably someone will say that it is dangerous, etc. Though it could be, but this is onetime experience in your life].

The time to go with Indian train, now.

2 responses to this post.

  1. yeee, nice, nice! It will be experince you never forget


  2. Exactly, days that you will never forget.


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