Trains in Mumbai

Do you want to see real India ? Do not hear for commercial suggestions to use taxi, go with local train. All the stuff I see in movies is nothing comparable to what I saw in REAL indian train.

Each train starts with station. We went from Thane station. People density was something like 10 people for square meter [at 12 o’clock]. You need ticket to go with train, it looks like mostly India inhabitants are purchasing tickets. Tickets are sold in 6 7 different windows, 40-50 people are standing in the queue for each window. Right solution for non-local to go with first class, as it is the chance you can enter to the train and will not be over popular for all passengers. Stations are hugely crowded,

Train station

Train stop is longing from 10 to 15 seconds, somehow people are able to exit and enter a train. Do not ask me how it’s possible I don’t know. Be very fast when you have intention to take a train, train does not wait for anyone and driver will not use mirror to look, whether some people are exiting or entering train at that time (Normis jumped into the train, when it speed was above 20 km/h). Commonly professional passengers are exiting a train, when it is going at ±20 km/h.

Trains are divided into 3 sections: first class, second class, women class.
Foreigners must select first class, do not try to overcome that rule. The main difference between classes are price and number of persons standing there.

Mumbai's train

This is second class, second class with a lot of free space [believe me]. Everybody is standing comfortablu, unfortunately I do not have any image of extreme second class, probably Normis will have.

First class has a lot of free space. You are not so popular in first class, when you lean out of the door. There are no too much people traveling on the roof in city trains. You can go to prison if you go on roof. There are rumors, that intercity expresses offer facility to seat on the roof.

Train First Class

Avoid rush-hours ! You can go with train, but how you will get out of the stations ? We got stacked in people jam, when we were searched for exit and 20 meters distance took us 10 minutes. Time was 2 hour close to rush-hour. Can you image what is going on rush-hour ?…

P.S. Photos do not provide even 20% of the feelings, that you can have here.

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