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Copy by Drag in Leopard [MAC OS]

It is a small challenge to understand, what drag* icon action does copy or move in Leopard.

Help F1

1) Dragging from one folder to another on the same disk moves the icon.

2) Dragging from one disk to another copies the folder or the file.

3) It is possible to hold option key [alt in Windows terminology], while dragging folder or file to copy it. Vice versa apple key is used to move the file.

* Drag-and-drop is the action of clicking on a virtual object and dragging it to a different location or onto another virtual object.


It is taken from book “The Missing Manual“. I cannot tell that every page there opens new feature in Leopard for me. Certainly it is worth to read that book and to get information about features usage. I’ve started to regret, that I read 0 book about Windows XP usage at time what I was used it. Probably I would like XP much more.


Don’t do it !

Do not remove printer files to save extra space for you Leopard [MAC OS] !

One day screwed to figure out, why export file to PDF is not working correctly. It happened someday, when I figured out that extra space can be saved on Leopard by removing printer files. Guys reported that it works smoothly, and Leopard is smart enough to download specific printer driver, that didn’t worked for me.

Indeed more than 4 GB were saved on my MacBook, after HP and Canon files removal. I was so happy about that fact until yesterday, when it was ruined by PDF export problem.

Every application [Preview, Keynote, Pages] reported error, when I tried to export,

Picture 21.png

Not very informational popup about the problem. I have overused uncle Google to find out the solution, only two reliable solution emerged. One fixprinter program that does not work on Leopard [but many users reported that it works on Tiger], second to fix one folder permission [that is done].

Normis offered solution to reinstall Leopard. No way it is not XP, I will fight till the end to find the solution.

MacOS free uninstall program, AppCleaner

MacOS uninstall process is not like Windows uninstall [everybody knows it],

when you click on ‘Uninstall program’ link or dig ‘Control Panel’ settings to find the button remove program.

MacOS uninstall, when you go to the Applications menu, find unneeded program and drag it into Trash. Program is uninstalled trash is empty, nice.

MacOS Trash

However, few programs are bugging additional information elsewhere, which is not deleted with dragging into trash.

I found very nice free program, that will do job for you, it is AppCleaner program.

Program provides with some additional and useful features, it can find already deleted program traces in the Application menu and you can delete them, if you are not happy with them.
There is Widget control, where you can see widgets installed and you can delete old widget, if you forgot about that.

Of course there is traditional delete window, where you can drop unneeded application and delete all related files.

Thank you very much for author of this software !

Missing manual

How many products are proud of the fact, that there is any documentation required to use them ?

Well in fact there are many that comes without documentation [Windows XP, MacOS Leopard, etc.] 🙂 The problem is that most of the products are very hard usable without documentation.

I do not know how many Apple products come with manual,
as far as I remember none.
Leopard contains nice help articles, moreover it is intuitive and smart. N.R. wondered how smart it is, when you need to change infrared settings, you just write infrared in System Preferences, OS will point you to the right menu.
We have Leopard documentation on the Apple homepage, even video tutorials available.

Time has come, when I want to learn something more about Leopard, I ordered one nice book,


It looks like this book could very detailed and depth about different features, many of users found this book very useful let’s see.

P.S. In time post has been created I remembered about my first steps in the Windows world. It was long time ago, 96 or 98 year I do not remember precisely. When mom said me that I should go to computer courses.
I attended two month course, you can name this course as “Windows for megadummies” [huh 96-98, what do you want]. I successfully finished my dummy course and thought I’m megacool user now [so funny].
First home computer was purchased only at 2000.

Testing Red Sweater

Red Sweater Software is making MarsEdit and few other products.

MarsEdit looks something that I was thinking about for sometime, it is blog publishing software (it is for Mac). Since a lot of posts are not being created for two minutes, it comes very useful. Moreover Safari 3 still does not work good with WordPress RTE, since I always forget to write right code and being lazy, I’m using Camino for RTE and WordPress.

1) It means now I can create offline posts (not keep all content in the head). There is local drafts options, so it means Internet connection is not required to make draft.

2) Options to add and upload media, there is even Flickr integration.

3) Tags, additionally plus Technorati tags.

4) Text/Content edit tools, regular user like me needs.

5) Easy to previous posts.

6) 29$

P.S. Thank you Normis for the tip 😉

Apple Developers Sense of Humor.

Humor is about networking. Since I’ve got MacBook every time I’m very surprised, how easy to get working network sharing between Mac-Windows, Windows-Windows scenario asks for more effort.

Well, do you know how Mac OS is showing Windows computer as neighbor, look

Network Sharing

It’s kinda of legacy CRT monitor with some error displayed.

Mac OS computer in the network shares face, it looks completely different.

Network Sharing 2


However, there supposed to be one bug ! Shall we report it to Apple ?

When you want to connect to remote computer manually,

Finder —> Go —> Connect to Server

Windows PC folder is displayed with nice Apple Cinema display 😦

Diagrams in Mac OS, OmniGraffle !

How many times I had in mind these thoughts ? Not easy to remember. Today about diagrams in MacOS

Some time ago one person said (c), translation,

when people are asking me about the specific software in Mac. The answer is that alternative program exists, that could make you to think about switch to Mac OS.

Omnigraffle is total “must-have” for people, who needs quality and stylish diagrams. I can say the easy way to great result (as usually).


This is just simple example (I hope author will not be angry about copyrights :D).

Very valuable feature of this program is simplicity, interface is user-friendly and very similar to iWork products. So if you are familiar with Keynote, Pages, stylish diagram should not be the problem for you at Mac OS.

Actually, there is no need to be familiar with iWork set, program usage is very intuitive – simple in other words.

Nice stencils, copy-paste any image to diagram, each device positioning and information about distance to other objects when moving, these are just few Omnigraffle features.

I do not believe that competitive products could be easier than that.

Especially, when I remember my titanic fights with few programs, when I promised to myself: “I will write my master thesis in Linux, completely”. But I missed application like this, when work was in progress.