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Night and Prague

Погостив в Праге почти 7 дней, ясный день удалось увидеть только в последнее воскресенье, покидая Чехию по пути в аэропорт, дневной свет немного резал глаза.

В этот раз работы было как-то очень много и вечером просто хотелось прийти и завалиться в кровать, и иногда такая возможность была только поздно ночью. Несмотря на все это поездка получилась занимательная и интересная в разных отношениях.

Помимо работы получилось вырваться на 2 вечера поискать в Праге кеши (нашли 3 штуки измазавшись в первый день как хорьки напару с Normundsom), а также оставить презенты из Латвии местным искателям,

Night Geocaching

И волшебным образом удалось походиьь по центру Праги, хотя конечно центр не дает представления о местных жителей. В тех местах (в центре), где мы были в основном ошивались иностранцы и среди местных были только те кто просили денюжку. Некоторые виды оставили сильное впечатление,

Ghosts 2

Ни разу ни читая Поттера, у меня этот персонаж всегда ассоциировался с чем-то подобным,


Чтож, наверное я хотел бы вернуться в Прагу еще раз когда-нибудь, на отдых погостить пару деньков, возможно узнать людей поближе, передвигаясь в метро, большинство чехов использующих этот транспорт предельно злые. А город мне понравился, значит не могут они все быть злые. До встречи Прага,

On the Top of the Mountain



Riga – Prague
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Prague – Riga
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When I go home at the end of the day, hei hei !

Daily routine is back, wake up in the morning at 6:15, hot/cold/hot/cold shower, symbolic breakfast, 6:53 go out from home take my car and drive to work, work from ±7.30-45, 12:45 lunch at Latvijas gaze, 16:30 when I go home, up to 19:30 playing my “game”, dinner, home works, reading book, then sweet dreams …

Vacation left a lot of positive emotions, in the way that it’s again big pleasure to do my job, probably it’s for the short amount of time, maybe not. But now I’m too enthusiastic, especially when I’m testing Xen [free virtual machine incorporated in our OS], when it’s necessary to solve some “slippery” problems, when I need to concentrate and dig into the stuff that was too complicated before the vacation…

So it’s not only good when vacation starts, but also very good when it ends. Because infinite vacation might be so booooring.

Vacation is over !

Oooh, back to work from the vacation,

– 2700 km by our car;
– ±250km by other cars;
– 90 km by boat on river;
– ±13 or more cities/places visited;
– A lot of money well spent;

Time to work,

Terima Kasih or Song Remains the Same

Terima Kasih is the only word I know in Indonesian language, now you know it too, it means “Thank you”. Terima Kasih Indonesian land and people we met for 2 weeks, it has been awesome experience and well-spent time.

Back to Latvia and back to work routine.

I wanted to say that I’ll remember not only great Indonesia land, very kind people, amazing Yogyakarta, heaven beach, mystic volcano, surfing, contrasts of Bali island…

One more thing that will remember me about Indonesian islands, which is not related to Indonesia. It’s a song, australian song,

Australian folk song, that was performed live by David and Bali vocal-instrumental ansamble, song is called “Waltzing Matilda”,

Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong,
Under the shade of a coolibah tree,
And he sang as he watched and waited ’til his billy boiled
Who’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me?

Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me
And he sang as he watched and waited ’til his billy boiled,
You’ll come a-Waltzing Matilda, with me …

Bye Java and Hello Bali

I’ll miss you…

Magic Beach

Alien Volcano

Authentic people

Our guides from

Borubudur temple [one of the biggest buddhist temple]

Borubudur Temple

Fairy tale dancing


the beautiful region of Yogyakarta… One person said me “if someone would offer two times more salary in Jakarta, I’ll never consider it”. I understand him.

Back to work and welcome to Denpasar on Bali island. You can think that Bali island is the World paradise. Maybe, but not for me. Currently, it looks like bad copy of some resorts. Let’s hope I’ll change my mind. Now, just work is until 5 o’clock and it’s the same time when Indonesia has sunset. Only one tourist entertainment is available for us, royal 3 level pool…

Bye Java

Yogyakarta Food

My first lunch in Yogya was the most impressive …

Lunch TIme

Officiant just brought all the stuff that they have in the menu [mostly fish dishes]. The system is very easy, how much you so much you pay. I’m wondering how they remember, which food is missing. After you finish officiant comes and writes what is on the table, then magic formula is used to calculate price. And You pay for the missing dishes…

There is no spicy food at all, the same is for pork dishes. Plenty of rice and nuddles dishes together with mix of chicken, beef, lamb and shrimps. Yes, on the same plate at once [traditional way]. To get a food a little bit spicy, everywhere you can find Indonesian Chili sauce, that tastes like it’s been favorite sauce in heaven for a long time [I hope to get some time and bring few bottles to Latvia].

Huh, as well you can get a duck. I haven’t tried, but they bring real duck, I cannot imagine how it’s possible to put this duck inside you.

Yogyakarta prices for the food amazes the imagination. We ate 3/4 of the dishes you see in the image, it was quite big lunch for the four people, which cost 10 US dollars [big huh in your face]. Even respectable restaurants offer quite nice and affordable prices. By the way, they have a solution for not nice american ice tea, which is made from real tea. Additionally liquid sugar bottle is offered to you, that makes ice tea really delicious.

Now, in Bali [tourist place] everything is different, 2 or 3 times expensive food and quality is completely different. But, it’s different story, now some more about Yogyakarta…