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Helsinki – city of the Rock’n’Roll

Screeeaaam for me Helsinkiiii, screaaaam for me Helsinki !!! Wherever, wherever you are, Iron Maiden’s gonna get you, no matter how far…

I have tried to make a review about Iron Maiden concert, but I can’t, there are no words to reflect my emotions. All I can say, Helsinki is the capital of the Rock’n’Roll, you may argue Rock’n’Roll is dead, then Helsinki is the city of rock, of the Hard Rock. And I never forget:

Iron Maide, crazy Janick Gers

Iron Maiden fans invasion in Helsinki center;

big respect Avenged Sevenfold for extravaganza performance;

crowd unity and wave over stadium;

awesome concert organization from Suomi guys;

people rocking their hands in the balloon while flying near the stadium;

Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Janick Gers, Nicko McBrain craziness, when every new song is new show

Eddy’s tricks;

Bruce Dickinson’s eyes with tears

Next time when I will follow any band tour, I will look for Helsinki for sure.


The way to Helsinki ?

Finally, finally.

Today Latvian Pasts (Latvian Mail) delivered one letter for me. I found this thing inside


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MAIDEN MANIA in Sweden, Finland.

I have always thought and told that Scandinavians are crazy and fanatic (mostly in good sense).

One point, tour dates was announced week ago, tickets were available for purchase since Monday (to the show in July), but I have expected such kind of scenario,

When tickets went on sale yesterday morning for Iron Maiden’s three stadium shows in Sweden and Finland the box offices were inundated and all 123,500 tickets were quickly sold out — over nine months in advance of the concert dates.

The two Swedish shows, July 16 at Stockholm Stadium and July 26 at Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, with respective capacities of 31,500 and 50,500, sold out in less than two and a half hours.

You know, that most f*** great news are, that I’m one from 123,500, who will attend Scandinavian show next, yeah. As due to outstanding service of the local Ticket company, I was able to reach their servers in the time of the strong overload.  Currently ticket should start trip from Helsinki to Riga.

We are going to,

FINLAND July 18, 2008 Helsinki Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Yesterday topic continues.

Surprisingly, today I found one person, who is ready to come to follow Iron Maiden Nordic tour (in case ticket price will not be extremely high).

As well, today I have conversation with one colleague (I have offered him to join us), he had counter offer to join him on Wacken Open Air event, this band supposed to be there too. I have rejected this offer, I’m too old for this 🙂

Seriosly, as Maiden is one of the headliner, they will be at the end of the day. He said: “If you wake up early in the mu could get the opportunity to stand on the first rows”. Like this, (Metallica concert first rows in Tallinn 2006).
MetallicaAs probably somehow it is possible to stand 2 hours there, but not all the day long.

Colleague said: “I was at the first row 12 hours at one festival”. How it is possible for normal people, I have no idea. As even 5 hours is not too comfortable deal in the middle of 80000 crowd during “Metallica“, “Bullet for My Valentine” performance.

I think that single concert is better option. At the end lyrics about old rock-n-roller (in Russian).

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Don’t Give Up on The Dream 2.

Here we go “Iron Maiden On Tour 2008 (dates announced so far)”. I have waited for dates in Scandinavia, Germany or England.

Current set-list is the following,

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