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Future’s real ! Wireless Electricity.

People are working on stuff, we’re just dreaming about…

>… SAN FRANCISCO — Intel has made progress in a technology that could lead to the wireless recharging of gadgets and the end of the power-cord spaghetti behind electronic devices … source

Wireless electricity can you believe it ? Perhaps our kids will never be disturbed by ‘too much cables’ problem, every tiny device will be power supplied by air…

Wireless Electricity

The concept of Intel tests and research presentation consists of two antennas, one antenna is transmitting enough power to supply 60W battery attached to the second antenna. 60W of course is not too much, but it’s great start for small devices battery charge. Currently working distance is very small, wireless electricity looses effectivity as soon as distance is being increased for few meters, as well nothing about impact by magnetic field created by transmitting electricity between source and device …


First [Last] Windows script :)

We have visited our friends in Liepaja this weekend.
One of the best cities in Latvia by the way.

I was asked to fix problem with Internet. Guy from Internet company complained that problem is related to computer hardware or OS, guy who helped to install and set the computer complained about modem and Internet company.

Anyway, the problem was that modem has to be restarted [switch off/on] to get the Internet working after computer reboot or shutdown.
The problem was to handle DHCP lease correctly, renew was required some time after reboot.

So I’ve created virus.bat file and placed it into autostart 🙂

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

But it was not enough to solve the problem, .bat file was loaded immediately and there was no any effect. Pause was required to get it working.
I’m not guru of the Windows command line interface, there was no any idea what the syntax for pause command.

There is nice workaround,

PING -n 10>nul

I’ve added ping for 10 seconds to computer itself, just change 10 and you will change pause interval for you script.


Testing Red Sweater

Red Sweater Software is making MarsEdit and few other products.

MarsEdit looks something that I was thinking about for sometime, it is blog publishing software (it is for Mac). Since a lot of posts are not being created for two minutes, it comes very useful. Moreover Safari 3 still does not work good with WordPress RTE, since I always forget to write right code and being lazy, I’m using Camino for RTE and WordPress.

1) It means now I can create offline posts (not keep all content in the head). There is local drafts options, so it means Internet connection is not required to make draft.

2) Options to add and upload media, there is even Flickr integration.

3) Tags, additionally plus Technorati tags.

4) Text/Content edit tools, regular user like me needs.

5) Easy to previous posts.

6) 29$

P.S. Thank you Normis for the tip 😉

Apple Developers Sense of Humor.

Humor is about networking. Since I’ve got MacBook every time I’m very surprised, how easy to get working network sharing between Mac-Windows, Windows-Windows scenario asks for more effort.

Well, do you know how Mac OS is showing Windows computer as neighbor, look

Network Sharing

It’s kinda of legacy CRT monitor with some error displayed.

Mac OS computer in the network shares face, it looks completely different.

Network Sharing 2


However, there supposed to be one bug ! Shall we report it to Apple ?

When you want to connect to remote computer manually,

Finder —> Go —> Connect to Server

Windows PC folder is displayed with nice Apple Cinema display 😦

Diagrams in Mac OS, OmniGraffle !

How many times I had in mind these thoughts ? Not easy to remember. Today about diagrams in MacOS

Some time ago one person said (c), translation,

when people are asking me about the specific software in Mac. The answer is that alternative program exists, that could make you to think about switch to Mac OS.

Omnigraffle is total “must-have” for people, who needs quality and stylish diagrams. I can say the easy way to great result (as usually).


This is just simple example (I hope author will not be angry about copyrights :D).

Very valuable feature of this program is simplicity, interface is user-friendly and very similar to iWork products. So if you are familiar with Keynote, Pages, stylish diagram should not be the problem for you at Mac OS.

Actually, there is no need to be familiar with iWork set, program usage is very intuitive – simple in other words.

Nice stencils, copy-paste any image to diagram, each device positioning and information about distance to other objects when moving, these are just few Omnigraffle features.

I do not believe that competitive products could be easier than that.

Especially, when I remember my titanic fights with few programs, when I promised to myself: “I will write my master thesis in Linux, completely”. But I missed application like this, when work was in progress.