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Simply Surfing or riding riding the waves

Second story about australian guys and surfing. Oh man, it’s amazing !!!

I’d two australian guys on my training from Brisbane city, they offered me and Janis to try surfing, as well they offered to go and visit Brisbane and their famous Gold coast.

We woken up early in the morning, it was 6:20 and when punctual australian guys knocked in the door. “Let’s goo !“. We rented big surfing desks [5$ per 2 hours] on Kuta beach. They said us that it’s more easier to surf with a big desk for the first time. Before riding the waves we tried to surf on the beach.

Learning to Fly

Then jumped into Indian ocean to make first surfing. Our great instructors helped us and literally were babysitting with us in the water. They told us few important things, we should know before surfing. When you are waiting for the wave you should start paddling in correct time and paddling very very hard to catch the wave, otherwise wave will go step ahead of you. Very quick jump needed to stand up on the board, when wave caught you. Standing in correct position is vitally to carry a speed. The last and small requirement, it’s great if you able to swim.

Riding the Wave

When wave is taking you and on the amazing speed, you are being brought back to the cost. Feelings are awesome, when you are standing up and surfing. Especially, when you catch wave in correct time and has enough strength to jump up and stand on the board. I can compare surfing to motorboat, but what do you feel on motorboat, nothing. Standing on the board and going on a high speed over the water on the wave, that’s awesome !!! One wrong movement one mistake and you in the water drinking salt water from ocean.

Surfing is something that you will never get in Latvia. Thank you australian guys for new awesome experience. See you in Gold Coast

Latvian/Australian Surfer Team


Why do people come to Bali

Bali night life ! One guy wanted to show us Bali night life, we were not able to refuse him, we went to one of the tourist bars. At least now I understand, why people from the bars come to Bali !

Not to see amazing sunset, not to try Indonesian food, not to enjoy Bali yellow-sand beaches. Probably they do all that things or some of them, mostly of them come to *u** [sorry]. Nothing more. If you are young, just look at the girl and ask her, “where are you from”. It seems all you need to ask, simpler as it could be. Party on the bar was a broken hearted men and women party [it seems for me]. At the beginning go-go-go dancing started with women climbed up to the bar table, I’ve never seen so many hungry eyes before…

Something is wrong.

Of course couples are not going to the bars, they are enjoying more beauty places. But I don’t believe that all that crowd were lonely people. I understand that being far from home, you don’t care about your actions, because you won’t be back tomorrow there. But not in that way, I wasn’t expected that it’s so. Just speak with girl you like or even she will start to speak by herself. Then she offers go to the hotel, or it can be he doesn’t matter. If you had a bad luck local women will be eagerly to offer their services, but for money.

What did I do in the bar ? No controversy, I was watching football Italia-Romania and was drinking Bintang beer. Sometimes we were interrupted by girls, probably now guy who took us to bar thinks that I’m a guy, as denied all the requests. At 2 o’clock we went back to the hotel, because our australian friend agreed to go on surfing…

Bye Java and Hello Bali

I’ll miss you…

Magic Beach

Alien Volcano

Authentic people

Our guides from

Borubudur temple [one of the biggest buddhist temple]

Borubudur Temple

Fairy tale dancing


the beautiful region of Yogyakarta… One person said me “if someone would offer two times more salary in Jakarta, I’ll never consider it”. I understand him.

Back to work and welcome to Denpasar on Bali island. You can think that Bali island is the World paradise. Maybe, but not for me. Currently, it looks like bad copy of some resorts. Let’s hope I’ll change my mind. Now, just work is until 5 o’clock and it’s the same time when Indonesia has sunset. Only one tourist entertainment is available for us, royal 3 level pool…

Bye Java

Two perfect dipoles

Yogyakrta beach has nothing similar to Jurmala beach. Common visitor of Jurmala would say “disgusting beach”. No yellow sand, swimming is banned, nothing to see there. Black sand from volcano eruptions…


Gamma of unbelievable feelings visited me, when I was walking down the beach. I lost a track of time, lost a track of everything and achieved total harmony between sand ocean and my mind… Someone said Stay with me, don’t goo …


On the next day, I’d visited Merapi volcano. First time near to active volcano, the last Merapi eruption on 2006. Every moment fumes are coming from it and there is feeling, oh man it is going to erupt now.

I was near volcano ±5-7km and climbed closer and closer to it. The same “someone” said, don’t go there, stop stop. It was like 2 or 3 people are holding me and I hadn’t full control of my legs…


Yogyakarta Food

My first lunch in Yogya was the most impressive …

Lunch TIme

Officiant just brought all the stuff that they have in the menu [mostly fish dishes]. The system is very easy, how much you so much you pay. I’m wondering how they remember, which food is missing. After you finish officiant comes and writes what is on the table, then magic formula is used to calculate price. And You pay for the missing dishes…

There is no spicy food at all, the same is for pork dishes. Plenty of rice and nuddles dishes together with mix of chicken, beef, lamb and shrimps. Yes, on the same plate at once [traditional way]. To get a food a little bit spicy, everywhere you can find Indonesian Chili sauce, that tastes like it’s been favorite sauce in heaven for a long time [I hope to get some time and bring few bottles to Latvia].

Huh, as well you can get a duck. I haven’t tried, but they bring real duck, I cannot imagine how it’s possible to put this duck inside you.

Yogyakarta prices for the food amazes the imagination. We ate 3/4 of the dishes you see in the image, it was quite big lunch for the four people, which cost 10 US dollars [big huh in your face]. Even respectable restaurants offer quite nice and affordable prices. By the way, they have a solution for not nice american ice tea, which is made from real tea. Additionally liquid sugar bottle is offered to you, that makes ice tea really delicious.

Now, in Bali [tourist place] everything is different, 2 or 3 times expensive food and quality is completely different. But, it’s different story, now some more about Yogyakarta…