New camera

Yesterday, I get new camera – Olympus E-520. My old Canon Powershot was good and honestly made good pictures for 4 years. All modern products have usage time limit, 4 years for point and shot camera is very good result.

I had looong looong time to select my first DSLR. Nikon, Canon, Nikon, Canon, Nikon, Nikon. I was very close to get Nikon, but my favorite model D80 is too old [and overpriced ?]. Canon, my intuition was strongly against Canon. Olympus, what’s that ?

My dad owns Olympus E-510, and I was wondering, why he never told me that Olympus is the best camera ever made and I should use only it. I read different reviews and forums, it was very funny to read forums about religious fights Canon vs. Nikon, where people sometimes post too much useless information. But almost 90% of the information was about Canon or Nikon. That’s why I didn’t considered Olympus as alternative. But recently I looked in the E-500 series, read sorted reviews about E-520 and liked different features.

Image stabilizer, anti-dust, probably a bit better [more expensive] default kit lenses, price [brand price is tricky factor]. Yes, I missed opportunity to get gateway to huuuge lenses type available for Canons, get mystical 4/3. But all the way my intuition from the beginning told me I need that camera. I’ve used to follow my intuition.

As many good people said, It’s not a camera, it’s a man behind the camera.

My first impression about the camera. “Wow !” and “So difficult !“.

“Wow !” is logical, as recently I was using old Opel [Canon PowerShot A80] and got brand new car [any you like] with a lot of untouched features.

Transition was more difficult, as I expected. My dad said, it’ll take some time to feel comfortable with a camera. I thought “no way”, it should happen in a few moments. I was wrong. There are so much features and I have to control all of them. Even getting photo from camera is more difficult as previously. Here you can look for the photo where I’d tested stabilizer. I read the manual before switching the camera, but I need to look 2 times in the manual to select correct stabilizer option and disable flash 🙂

View from window

Few people told me, that I’m crazy to spend so much money for the useless camera. Well, maybe, but some of us spend money for SUV and luxury cards without a reason, casino and travels, clothes and girls. Tastes are different. DSLR is something that I missed long in my life and I don’t care how much I should to pay for it.


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