Bye LMT and Bye Hansabanka

I said, ‘Good bye, crueeel world I’m living you today” and switched mobile operator from LMT to Bite. Nowadays Bite offers too many advantages, Tele2 tries to compete, but LMT is waiting for something in the air…

Similar story for Hansabanka, but the difference that I switched to Nordea few years ago, but it was long time I had account in Hansabanka [one of the largest bank in Latvia]. I decided now it’s time to close the account.

What is interesting about these facts ?

Two years ago, when I decided to switch off Tele2 number [Tele2 is mobile operator too]. Operator talked with me for 20 minutes and tried to convince me to stay with Tele2 and offered different options. But not for LMT or Hansabanka. LMT just asked me a question, why do I make such decision ? and Hansabanka operator said “ok, adios man”. We are too big to convince anyone and compete…

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  1. Posted by Vigants on July 4, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    There was time when I felt the same for both companies (Hansabanka and LMT)… but life shows that you simply can’t move away without sacrificing something…

    So what do you lost by moving to Bite? What do you lost by moving to Nordea?


  2. Agree with you Vigants about sacrificing. Especially for Hansabanka, because of their great
    They are offering options, which are not available in any other bank, [one of them is automatic payments feature].

    About LMT, I’ve asked myself, “what except my loyalty as LMT customer, I’ll sacrifice”.
    8 Ls [LMT] is bigger then 5 Ls [Bite], 0.05ls [Bite] to any operator is much better then 0.04ls to LMT and 0.17 to Bite and Tele2 [LMT].
    Manabite is hundred steps above of manslmt. Difficult to find anything, that I’ll sacrifice with switch to Bite.


  3. Posted by waldis on July 4, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    you give very small money lmt hansabanka so they dont care. writing english good – more people understand


  4. Waldis, but nothing is everything, because each physical person gives small money to them, I doubt that they don’t care about everything. Nothing is I, you, my friends, your friends, other simple people.

    Thank you for the comment 😉


  5. i was added to the Bite network today.not bad service 🙂


  6. Bite promised 16 july for me.


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