Language issues

Weird situation, multilanguage society influences me, my language knowledge. Honestly, my knowledge is faaaaar from perfect about any language I speak.

Russian, which is supposed to be my native language. I can write and speak grammatically correct in Russian, sometimes funky phrases emerge when I translate phrases directly from English or Latvian. Few years ago I noticed that I have soft accent, weird to realize for language you started at 0.6 years old. Certainly russian is a best language for me to express my feelings.

Latvian, which is supposed to be official language of my country. I learnt it in school and university. But my latvian knowledge were below waterline, until I started to work in company where I work now. Practice, practice, practice is my friend. Now, I speak fluently, sometimes ‘slavs’ accent emerges in time of big worries [when I’m not sure about some phrases]. Not so good with writing, as special characters [ē, ū, ā, ī]is the big trouble for me due to my laziness to remember all of them.

English, which is supposed to be official language of my company. Sometimes I have problems with English grammar, sometimes with the words. The main issue is lack of practice. There is no English society [except mormons 🙂 ], to improve English in the way I did for Latvian. On the other hand my work is related to technical side, and I write a lot of e-mails. It’s not a big deal to explain technical stuff, unfortunately feeling expression is much more complicated thing in English for me.

What is the reason for the post about language knowledge ?
Sometimes I consider to switch and write here in Russian, to express my feelings best. On the other hand there are few foreign guys [or maybe friends] reading some posts. I don’t want to abandon them. I don’t have strong enough knowledge to write in Latvian. That’s why English is a good alternative, as it’s being international language, but … Sometimes I ask a question, which language will be native for my kids, Russian Latvian or Zulu ?!


2 responses to this post.

  1. man nebutu probleemu ar krievu valodu te


  2. jaa, man ir domas kadu meneesi pameginaat 🙂


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