MacOS free uninstall program, AppCleaner

MacOS uninstall process is not like Windows uninstall [everybody knows it],

when you click on ‘Uninstall program’ link or dig ‘Control Panel’ settings to find the button remove program.

MacOS uninstall, when you go to the Applications menu, find unneeded program and drag it into Trash. Program is uninstalled trash is empty, nice.

MacOS Trash

However, few programs are bugging additional information elsewhere, which is not deleted with dragging into trash.

I found very nice free program, that will do job for you, it is AppCleaner program.

Program provides with some additional and useful features, it can find already deleted program traces in the Application menu and you can delete them, if you are not happy with them.
There is Widget control, where you can see widgets installed and you can delete old widget, if you forgot about that.

Of course there is traditional delete window, where you can drop unneeded application and delete all related files.

Thank you very much for author of this software !

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