Movie about nation leader

I assume you know, who is Mahatma Gandhi. If you do not know much except that he was Indian leader for independence, find time and watch this film,


Movie is very balanced, it is documentary on the first place with great actor play beyond it . All the way long authentic atmosphere is following you, like you are one of the Gandhi supporters, who is following him.

If you do no know much about Gandhi, you will be introduced into the philosophy of non-violence and get the get illustration, how good human, can unite and hold together other people. How layer gained support of millions people and became spiritual leader of the biggest country in the World.

Certainly this movie is from the category, that you must see.

Every people can learn from Gandhi citation,

I am a Muslim and a Hindu and a Christian and a Jew.
And so are all of you.

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  1. haven’t seen the movie, but i feel rather surprised that nobody is using this Gandhi’s philosophy for some underground ideological movement.

    I mean something like Che on t-shirts. Afterall — who was Che? Revolutionary who could not just stand in one place — he must have had a windy mind and his revolutions were (i guess) more cause in themselves than had any higher, conscious and systematic goal.

    Instead Gandhi has a rythmically poethic and deeply philosophical platform to stand on. and this could be really powerful for this globalized world. it is not a bad idea at all to launch a website to promote Gandhis ideology: “i am a Muslim and a Hindu and a Christian and a Jew. And so are all of you.”

    I think in a context of recent scandals about portraying Allah in cartoons — this could be a really powerful answer.

    Have any of you ever seen Gandhis t-shirt? believe one day you will 🙂


  2. Great Point indeed !

    Che is not a big authority for me, but I do not know much about him. Marxist ideology is something that I do not understand.

    Gandhi ideas are much closer for me.
    Gandhi ideology is too good for globalized world and it is not very favorable for biggest geopolitical players to follow his ideas and philosophy, since it is more easier to make wars and sedition, when Christians hate Muslims and vice versa.

    I have not seen T-Shorts, but I have plan to make custom made.
    I do not know why our school program do not cover anything about Gandhi. If you do not know anyone, who will tell you about him.
    I was not able to find anything like this about Gandhi [for 10 pages in google search],
    it could be an idea !


  3. i think that communism as ideology is already far dead. even in Cuba they are now beginning to sell dvd players and computers…

    what else about Che — long time ago i even invented a brand of cigarettes “chegevaroises” (from cheguevara + gauloises — the favourite cigarettes of Umbrto Ecco).

    example of packaging design: “”

    besides — i think that as a global brand Che has more to with rebellions and revolution than commnism…

    Gandhi is a good brand to identify with — you can sell Gandhi very well to all the masses that feel like “i love the country but i cant stand the scene, and i am neither left or right i am just staying home tonight, getting lost in that littel screen”. i guess that the bright side of internet is that you can start a global movement, promote an ideology almost on a planetary level just using one little, but well designed homepage.

    besides: my respect to Diesel — they soon are going to launch a new brand “diesel black gold” (a.k.a. Oil). thats funky. and funky rules.


  4. Many examples from history are telling us, that communism and revolution is something unbreakable.

    you are right about Che revolution and rebellion spirit, main thing for his supporters or followers.
    It can be that some of them even do no know the purpose of their fight[rebbelion], I mean what will be after they win [make revolution].
    IMHO their main purpose – to _fight_ with something [existing regime, etc.] regime, to fight with existing set of things, but what will be after they win the race ?
    Just the same problems, that previous regime was struggling with.
    Of course some of them are followers of such guys, because it is stylish to be the follower of the rebellion.

    > “i love the country but i cant stand the scene, and i am neither
    > left or right i am just staying home tonight, getting lost in that
    > littel screen”.

    I think ±98% of inhabitants in each country have something similar in minds. Up to this now I have the same, as I cannot remember any important thing or action. Caused by me that changed the World or even small part of Latvian society in the last 3 years. But there is time though !

    P.S. I was aware of page from your posts.
    Very good job, the same as with your blog.
    What was the purpose for chegevaroises ?


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