I’m just talking about my g-g-g-generations

Have you ever thought about number of generations, when your blood is crosslinked with relative’s blood [husband or wife] ?

Traditionally european people are aware of 3 or 4 generations before, 4 or more only when you are over curios about topic. Let’s imagine India, different sources are telling that north indians can be very sensitive about generation crosslink.

North India man and woman should be 10 generations “free” of blood crosslink, then they can marry [for those who are following traditions]. It sounds crazy to account all relatives for such long time. Especially if you know the fact, that south indian can marry uncle daughter. Such contrast sounds weird, but it is only one from many contrasts that are available in India.

Especially for us europeans, I do not know about european nationality that are following relatives accounting for 10 generations and decide whether to marry or not.

India's Wedding


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  1. Hello there. I was sent a link to your blog by a friend a while ago. I have been reading a long for a while now. Just wanted to say HI. Thanks for putting in all the hard work.

    Jennifer Lancey


  2. no wonder so many of us are retarded 😯


  3. The safest way if you want to be sure that you don’t marry a relative is looking for a husband/wife somewhere in the jungle 🙂


  4. Jennifer, hi and thank you.

    Aniche, on one hand it is great, that people do not marry close blood relatives, on the other hand your country [if you are from India] is country of big contrasts 🙂

    Kzh, life with animal ?


  5. tell me about it. i dont understand why some of us marry our cousins. for me, one of the chief objectives in life is to get as far away from my relatives as possible.


  6. Aniche,
    I support your objectives and agree with you about trying to keep distance with relatives.

    I do not know why people are marrying with relatives. I cannot speak about India, as I do not know much about it. If I would live for few years there, I could give you an answer.

    Probably, relative marriage is the way to keep land and property within the family and not distribute it further 🙂

    In Europe relative marriages was common in the Middle-ages, between monarchs and people belonging to elite.
    It was great shame to marry non relative and you can loose right to be a monarch, if wife/husband was not belonging to monarch’s dinasty.

    This is dumb because such things are planned by the parents and relative and you have not any choice. Moreover your kid has possibilities to born with genetic disorder.


  7. world is small also in jungle you can find latvians, for example, NR and Nora who is in their trip :))))


  8. I meant looking for a wife in some small African village with no outsiders. The possibility that you would have some common ancestor in ten generations is very low in such a situation.


  9. kzh, by the way such marriage can be very good, especially for your kids. Your kid can get somethings more from races mix, either kid will get from brother and sister.


  10. maybe in another life I’ll try that 🙂


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