Interim Government.

Movie “The revolution will not be televised” is pretty interesting one.chavez.jpg

Certainly someone would call it as unhidden propaganda of Hugo Rafael Chavez politics, Hugo Rafael Chavez is Venezuela President (by the way Venezuela is oil reach country, the 4th reachest country in the world). Probably it is more one way documentary, however there is shown few opposition views.

For me the movie is nice description about the events, I had nothing information before. Actually movie is concentrated about one day coupe (unsuccessful at the end), when opposition generals, crowd had tried to establish their own government, Chavez was prisoned at the island. There were a lot of rumors that coup was initiated by one country (the most active player at the current world geopolitics), however there are not direct testimonies for this fact, however it is pity to deny the fact, that their were not interested to change unfavored Hugo Chavez regime.

Interesting fact, that there are too less information about this event. One day (12 April 2002) of interim government ruined plans to slow down raise of Chavez. As currently charismatic Venezuelan leader is sensitive pain for some geopolitical players, as well Venezuelan nature treasures – as very desired peace to manage.

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