Only in Latvia.

Yes, exactly. Only in Latvia.LatviaOur country will not stay attractive for tourists, unless there are similar situations.Yesterday, I have met guy from Central America and Lithuania, the long story but they are traveling across Baltic states. So we had a walk across the Riga city. This guy from central America has a hobby, he collects small symbols about each country, like some national flag or other national symbols material to sue on clothes.I’m not a fan of souvenir shops on old town, first of all they are expensive, when you go as tourist it could be normal, anyway it is quite expensive. So 6 o’clock evening, two souvenir shops are closed already (however at the door, it is written that shop is working till 19:00), go figure. We found another one.Probably in that shop there are another opinion about the most common used languages by tourists in Latvia. Fine, I know that a lot of german speakers are visiting Latvia (thank you by the way). We entered the shop, logical question from inhabitant of Costa-Rica “Do you speak english ?” (question at the souvenir shop, not at the small village cage, but at the Riga souvenir shop). The answer “No/Nē.”No comments.


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  1. Well but you gotta be an idiot yourself, working in a tourist place and every day torturing yourself with understanding the tourists. what kind of people are those who work in these shops? everyone learns english in school … but only the idiots wind up in the tourist locations 🙂


  2. Posted by Sergejs on October 26, 2007 at 9:56 am

    There were young girls. They should learn English, I think that they would not get work there, unless they do not understand English

    Probably, they thought that we are those type of tourists, that are seeking for cheap girls. However, they refused to say any word in English during 5 minutes conversations, only ‘Bye’ that’s all.
    They understood latvian


  3. My experience so far has shown that the situation is the same or pretty much the same in many post-soviet countries, not only in Latvia (Slovakia comes as the most topical example). Theoretically you would expect people working in tourist locations to have at least some knowledge of both English and German but considering that the pay there is most likely miserable and the prestige of such a job isn’t exceptionally high, you are unlikely to encounter especially bright people working there.


  4. Posted by Sergejs on October 27, 2007 at 6:53 pm

    Agree about pay, efforts from an employee – service is proportional to pay.
    Interest fact is prices at these shops (you may check, they are unbelievably high), so it means that owners/employers get some income from business, as some tourists like to buy souvenirs. As well bigger disappointment , as these girls were 18-25 not 55, “interesting” relations with clients.

    Off course it is not like shops, where people go everyday. There management should take care about reputation more or less.


  5. But now the most serious problem is that it is difficult to find employee not only for suvenier bussines, so probably, person who is looking for a job and can speak at least a little bit English or German will look for the different job. That’s it 🙂


  6. probably true. but the point is – how can someone not speak even a few words in english? everything is english these days. and everyone is supposed to be learning it.


  7. the same question I had when we were lost in Rome distict area 🙂 Ok, I can understand why italian people do not speak English in Soulth of Italy…but not in Rome! 🙂 Speaking about young people probably…it seems that something the same is here, but here the things about this are much better!


  8. I also have no idea, how 20-25 years old people could not speak English in Latvia. The same some of them do not Latvian, it is also surprising.

    These are ‘imperialistic’ thoughts, that are character for big countries (like France, Germany, Russia, Italy, UK as well go and find 10 persons who speaks other language too not English), that they are trying to use only their native language, and do not like when foreigners speak different (english, german,spanish).


  9. Posted by jenny on November 1, 2007 at 8:08 pm

    France is an exclusion of any rules:) Even the webpage of their Embassy (in Latvia) is without any single word in English 🙂


  10. Posted by Sergejs on November 1, 2007 at 9:39 pm

    On one hand it is good, that country is proud of their language, on the other hand sometimes it turns to stubborn actions (like this), it is weird.

    Healthy patriotism is fine, but not overdozen.


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