Wicker men or shadows in the Latvian politics.

Atlaist Saeimu.I think I’m ready to present my thoughts about problematic situation on the todays Latvian politics.

Recent events are worrying me that were taken place here in Latvia this week.

Let’s start from the beginning and look at the current quotas at Saeima (Saeima – Latvian Parliament), data from CVK,

Tautas Partija – 23;

ZZS – 18;

Jaunais Laiks – 18;

Saskaņas Centrs – 17;

LPP/LC – 10;

TB/LNNK – 8;

PCTVL – 6.

Currently Parliament is managed by “Tautas Partija“, “ZZS“, “LPP/LC” and “TB/LNNK” = 23+18+10+8 = 59

Atlaist Saiemu” (“Fire them all [Saiemu]” was the main topic of the political strike on Wednesday. Interesting fact that strike was strongly supported by two opposition political parties (“Jaunais Laiks” un “Saskaņas centrs“).

Interesting fact that these two parties are almost “fire and water“, completely opposite on their programs and thoughts, not so radical like “TB/LNNK” vs. “PCTVL”, but very populistic for sure. Probably they had forgotten the conflict about “education reform”, that was followed with strongest resonance and both parties were on the opposite sides. But this is not the idea of this post.

Atlaist Saeimu”, I’m asking myself, it is sentence to fire “cabinet of ministers” or entire “Saeimu“/Parliament. First scenario would not change anything IMHO, because it is very hard to imagine “TP”/”LPP/LC” with “Jaunais Laiks” on the same coalition due to different factors on history.

On other hand “Jaunais Laiks” and “Saskaņas centrs” together – the one scenario to get stable coalition, it does not sound real too. As both parties rating would be strongly decreased as well as voters trust. Unrealistic^100 to imagine coalition wit “TB/LNNK” and “Saskaņas centrs” together too. So not easy to imagine what kind of improvements they would offer and how these improvements would be realized on real life.

Second scenario is more dangerous, “Atlaist Saiemu” at all. Interesting sentence people asked to fire “Saiemu“/Parliament, but they[political parties members] are members of the “Saiema” too, it is like ask to fire yourself.

On other hand it is time to accept Latvian republic budget to the next year. That supposed to be like good/stabilizing budget for the country, as due to the rumors local country economy experts were consulting coalition to set correct priorities. So it should be time to accept budget and try to survive from the inevitable “economic crisis”, but some people are taking care of things less important and setting instability to “Saeima” at problematic time. Weird.

Of course, coalition are not angels, and the reason why “sabra-cadabra” has been started, that Premier Minister has made  tactical mistake to fire head of “Anti-corruption Bureau”, not at correct time and with unclear definition. Probably this is managed by “higher” people/independent consultants, probably “Anti-corruption Bureau” has “death-sentence” materials to these consultants (why it could be used without head of this Bureau), however it could not be the reason to set complete chaos and “Atlaist Saiemu” at this important time.


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