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Two days of work are almost finished. Lifetime trips to Mumbai places are ended for the moment. 2 days of work are gone + 3 work days to come. And 2 more days for journeys, time to travel on train roof and time to ride on the elephant 🙂

We were outside the hotel one time for two days to have a dinner. Not too much restaurants near the hotel, because the our place is not for tourists. We have not seen any white tourist near our hotel, probably some 4 white people in the hotel and few of them near Gateway of India,

Gateway of India

The rule we have learn about Mumbai restaurants. Restaurant should not be located close to the hotel and it should not be for tourists ! We found that food and service in the places for local peoples are few levels above of tourists places.

By the way about the work, I’m very surprised about the level of our students. Eight hours of constant talking is extreme training for the voice.

See you on the Dark Side of the Moon

I’m flying to the Gateway of India.

I’ve always thought, that India is located below the equator and it should be the first time, when I cross the equator to the south. So what ?

I was wrong the equator line goes below India over Brazil, Central Africa, Indonesia.

World Equator

This is my third visit to Asia, first visit to half real and authentic Asia. Mumbai[Bombai] does not positioned like authentic India city, some sources are telling, that it is like New-York in the USA. City exception.

Once in my life I was at the same level to the North, when we explored Ural. Nizhniy Tagil always associates with 6 hour trips in LAZ bus with temperature near 30. Conditioner [what the hell is that ?]

Nizhniy Tagil

To compare coordinates,
Mumbai – 72.82
Nizhniy Tagil 60.35

India is something special.


Riga – Helsinki
Thu 10 April 2008 17:40 – 18:35
Helsinki – Mumbai (Bombay)
Thu 10 April 2008 20:00 – 06:10


Mumbai (Bombay) – Helsinki
Mon 21 April 2008 08:15 – 13:45
Helsinki – Riga
Mon 21 April 2008 16:05 – 17:00

See You.

Poland III, seems to be the End

It seems to be the last chapter about trip to Poland (Krakow). For this trip I mean.

So, actually travel was ended at Monday, when work was started. All impressions related to Poland uniqueness ended as well.

The conferences like that is always place to meet great people. Probably there is specific Polish and mentality, but they do not have big enthusiasm for communication, it looks like they have something similar to Latvian people.
But conference friendly atmosphere was supported by other country people:
American, Brazilian, one Czech, Estonian, Germanic, Indonesian, Irish, Kosovian, Serbian, etc.

That was first time, when I see one person who is able to speak all night long, every time he has topic to speak about. It is amazing.

Finally, LOT airplanes (especially domestic airplanes) is the tool how you can develop aerophobia, so if you have any possibility to omit domestic flight, consider it.

Anyway, if I will have the opportunity, it could be worth to visit Poland again (some new places).

Poland I

There is a plan to create Poland chronicle (that is divided into several parts).
Poland is a big surprise for me, I was too skeptical about it before the trip.

Poland starts from airplane. Not Poland, but Poland spirit. Poland has its own spirit.

The first thing, when you are going with small LOT airplane, there is a snack/breakfast (something almost unreachable for AirBaltic), the interesting thing about snack, that all snacks are made in Poland (except Ketchup).

Warsaw local country airport is great attraction too, it is controlled by local army, so there is specific check-in. Especially when you are looking to strange for them.

Warsaw – Krakow flight was one of the most extremal ones. The plane was normal, it was very hard to heard anything during the flight. But landing..
First landing was unsuccessful, second landing was successful but airplane decided to make a huge drift, there were 3 seconds (scary moment) until airplane got back to straight.


To be continued…

M # 2


Riga (RIX) 14:40
Warsaw (WAW) 14:55

Warsaw (WAW) 15:55
Krakow (KRK) 17:00


Krakow (KRK) 08:00
Warsaw (WAW) 08:55

Warsaw (WAW) 11:35
Riga (RIX) 13:55

I heard that Krakow is very nice city, I hope there will be few moments to look at the city beauties.