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Bye Java and Hello Bali

I’ll miss you…

Magic Beach

Alien Volcano

Authentic people

Our guides from

Borubudur temple [one of the biggest buddhist temple]

Borubudur Temple

Fairy tale dancing


the beautiful region of Yogyakarta… One person said me “if someone would offer two times more salary in Jakarta, I’ll never consider it”. I understand him.

Back to work and welcome to Denpasar on Bali island. You can think that Bali island is the World paradise. Maybe, but not for me. Currently, it looks like bad copy of some resorts. Let’s hope I’ll change my mind. Now, just work is until 5 o’clock and it’s the same time when Indonesia has sunset. Only one tourist entertainment is available for us, royal 3 level pool…

Bye Java

Yogyakarta Food

My first lunch in Yogya was the most impressive …

Lunch TIme

Officiant just brought all the stuff that they have in the menu [mostly fish dishes]. The system is very easy, how much you so much you pay. I’m wondering how they remember, which food is missing. After you finish officiant comes and writes what is on the table, then magic formula is used to calculate price. And You pay for the missing dishes…

There is no spicy food at all, the same is for pork dishes. Plenty of rice and nuddles dishes together with mix of chicken, beef, lamb and shrimps. Yes, on the same plate at once [traditional way]. To get a food a little bit spicy, everywhere you can find Indonesian Chili sauce, that tastes like it’s been favorite sauce in heaven for a long time [I hope to get some time and bring few bottles to Latvia].

Huh, as well you can get a duck. I haven’t tried, but they bring real duck, I cannot imagine how it’s possible to put this duck inside you.

Yogyakarta prices for the food amazes the imagination. We ate 3/4 of the dishes you see in the image, it was quite big lunch for the four people, which cost 10 US dollars [big huh in your face]. Even respectable restaurants offer quite nice and affordable prices. By the way, they have a solution for not nice american ice tea, which is made from real tea. Additionally liquid sugar bottle is offered to you, that makes ice tea really delicious.

Now, in Bali [tourist place] everything is different, 2 or 3 times expensive food and quality is completely different. But, it’s different story, now some more about Yogyakarta…

Tourist in Home Sweet Home

Yes, I’m a tourist ! Tourist in my own home, sounds weird. Last three months I have something in my head…

Who is that “something” ? Something is the feeling, that after few days will be –> Coffer —> Airport —-> NEXT destination.

Time for the next Destination now. I don’t which one which exactly, it could be Jakarta or Jogjakarta. But I have tickets only to Jakarta, actually final destination is Bali.

Indonesia. I’m [typical european] know almost nothing about Indonesia [sleeping asian giant]. What do I know, only three facts:

– largest archipelagic state;
– largest muslims country;
– 4th largest country by population in the world…

When I was young and grass was greener, I had a dream. Very simple dream, I dreamed about my future work. When every new month I can start in different country and I’ll visit every country in the world to the time, when I’ retire. Unconsciously my dream came true, at least for short time, every new month I have new destination.

But you know, when there is a feeling that you are guest in own home. I’m starting to reconsider my dream, one month is too short period and I’m becoming older. If it would be 2 or 3 month break… Soon I will get back to my daily routine and I’ll work only in the office for 6 or even more months.

Oh, have you ever traveled for 30 hours by airplane… Continue reading

Chicago [II] on the way to the next destination…

The last chance to post something about Chicago, as today/tomorrow I’m going to the longest trip…

I want to share some photos of Chicago downtown, click on photo and see more on my Flickr [if you would like].

The interesting fact about Chicago downtown, it was completely destroyed by fire in XIX century and rebuilt from the zero point by the best american architects. All streets are straight and everywhere you can see geometrically correct squares. Well, time to fire one of our cities and see how it would be restored. Joke.

Chicago downtown is full of skyscrapers, real America !!! Something similar to pictures you can see in movies,

Chicago Downtown

When I returned to Latvia, I hear from few people that Chicago downtown is one of the most beautiful industrial downtowns in the world. Maybe. I don’t know. Walking down to Chicago streets I had a strong “Déjà vu”, I’ve seen it somewhere. It was Frankfurt, where I fall in love to its skyscrapers from the first minute.

It could be the reason why I wasn’t so surprised by Chicago skyscrapers. As first love for skyscrapers city belongs to Frankfurt. And Chicago is placed second it my to of skyscraper’s cities.



If you will ever go to Chicago, take boat trip ! Always boat trip is one of the best way to see a city, and boat guide will tell you a lot of different stories and legends about Chicago…

Going down to -6 …

Going to the city of the blues and jazz, gangsters and basketball Chicago Bulls…



Photo by Leslie Murray

Where do you see the blues here ? It’s second trip to US, first one was Orlando [Florida], which leaved unforgettable impressions. I didn’t see in Orlando any architectures master piece, any famous place [even Cape Canaveral which is very close], anything special. But local people attitude is memorized for entire life. I don’t care what they think or do 10 minutes after the conversation with you. I care that they are happy and kind with you. I’ve traveled to different countries [mostly in Europe with few exceptions], but never see such attitude anywhere. Now I’m skeptic, when people are talking about bad americans, especially who never been there.

I’m not going to see Chicago Bulls [NBA season is over, playoff time] and I hope gangsters [not back to 1920], but jazz or blues, maybe… I heard legends about jazz clubs. It is going to be the first america-style city.

And the last thing my Chicago face is hard to imagine without Led Zeppelin/Kansas Joe McCoy song, my personal hymn for Chicago, the same “Be sure to wear some flower in your hair” for San-Francisco,

Don’t it make you feel bad
When you’re tryin’ to find your way home,
You don’t know which way to go?
If you’re goin’ down South
They got no work to do,
If you’re going NORTH to Chicago.
Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good,
Now, cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good,
When the levee breaks, mama, you got to move.
All last night sat on the levee and moaned,
All last night sat on the levee and moaned,
Thinkin’ about my baby and my happy home.
Going, going to Chicago.. Going to Chicago.. Sorry but I can’t take you..
Going down.. going down now.. going down.



10. may
13:45 Riga 15:00 Frankfurt LH3245
17:15 Frankfurt 19:30 Chicago LH432
18. may, 19 may
15:45 Chicago 06:55+1 Frankfurt LH431
09:55 Frankfurt 13:00 Riga LH3244