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Help to select projector for Home Cinema.

There are different ways to display entertainment content (movies, concerts, games, etc.) and build own “Home Theater”. As I’m strongly against cable/broadcast television, regular TV-set is not included into my wish-list. Projector is right solution for me (I do not say that it is not possible to get broadcast TV with projector, but it is more tricky than with regular TV-Set). Influenced by last day events I’m considering to get projector for home, that will satisfy my requirements.

So, I’m browsing and digging Internet for different reviews, suggestions and advices for home projectors. There are enough interesting and valuable information, however I want to share with one great resource, where I found a lot of useful information.

It is , it is great that seller is trying to educate customers as much as possible. I found a lot of information,

– of course, you can find different projectors to purchase, additionally there is extensive information and specification given, projector models are sorted.

– Web page strongest part is description about projects different functions and features theory, like description for brightness, contrast, resolutions, the difference between LCD and LDP, and much more.

– Nice tool for projector selection, that allows to select project for side to side comparison.

– Simple calculators for brightness and appropriate value of lumens for projector, !!! screen size calculator tool.

– Lamps! It is well known fact, that projector lamps are not able to function for ages, so buying projector you need to be aware of the lamp price (that is 1/3 or even higher), most likely that sometimes you will need to change the lamp. So you may use this tool, where you select manufacturer and enter model of the projector, as the result you get required lamp and price.

Great Job and personal gratitude for huge work!

The way to make Quicktime play all files.

It is not possible to play AVI, DiVX and some other Media Types with default Quicktime and without additional codecs.

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