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Back to The Middle Ages or evening with Candles

Today we participated in Earth day, so we turned off lights, electric appliances, routers [Internet], computers, etc.

We have dinner with candles instead of bulbs.


I found the greatest idea of this day, that is not to save electricity or get the attention for saving energy.

The greatest idea is to show people, that there are so many ways to spend time without common electricity gadgets, so participating people can start think about them.
Really, there so many !

Welcome to the Hell !

Do you know the fastest way to create chaos ?


One of the way could be chaotic traffic jam. It does not matter that traffic jams are part of big city life. People are used to traffic jams and feel comfortably, because there is someone who is regulating the rules.

But imagine that someone hacked all the traffic lights and switched them off. Doh, big city and crossroads for 2-3 or more lanes will become a disaster. All services could become paralyzed.

Today on my way to work, one traffic light has stopped to work, that caused huge thrill for drivers, who have crossing crossroad. Thanks that other traffic lights were working and cars, which were going by main road created jam on the next traffic light. I was going by secondary road and next traffic light jam was a chance to cross the road.

P.S. Photo is not from Riga, these days are too grey in Riga and I do not have camera with me (usually), the photo is from Bangkok (Thailand).


Why not be compelled to do, you know, a show that focuses on, you know, what’s causing the crime, as opposed to just chasing the criminals down?

Because I think it’s harder to do that show. I don’t know what
that show would be. Anger does well, hate does well, violence does well.
Tolerance and understanding and trying to learn to be a little different than you were last year does less well.
One american TV show producer said this.

TV demonizes your mind. The whole idea of the modern television to stop people to think and analyze, to promote someone ideas to make watchers think in the way presented from screen (for some exceptions).

Just one note about great music

Recently we have watched one concert show, it is called P•U•L•S•E.

Well, I think it is useless to talk about the music, everyone knows Pink Floyd is Pink Floyd, who is familiar with Pink Floyd.

There is a set of separate movies, that are being shown together with performance, not just light show but movie show.

For example “Shine on Your Crazy Diamond” parallel movie idea,
firstly small boy is shown, which grows to man who is “reached the secret”. There are so many people around, who want to share his glory. Finally there is empty pool with that man alone, now all glory shareholders went to seek another victim. Man is cleaning large pool from previous glory flower petals. So simple scenes, but idea of the song shown clearly.

“Brain Damage” movie, especially first fragments with faces of the politicians and

The lunatic is on the grass
The lunatic is on the grass
Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs
Got to keep the loonies on the path
The lunatic is in the hall
The lunatics are in my hall

no comments.

It remains to envy and wonder about authors imagination.

Another Brick in The Wall II, Part I

Let’s talk about university education, I can speak about my country and specific university (let’s imagine I’m talking about ordinary students, not gurus, who know everything).

The university lectures is very important part of an education process. But there is no any lectures, that are about lectures or what student should do on the lectures.

Since, student is graduated from the school, he/she tries to copy the actions from school. So basically ±80% of students are trying to make their notes, just one in one from the lecture. (or at least >50%, as some teachers are really fast and crazy).

So, what “one in one” gives, as student does not have enough time to think about the material, later he/she must read material once again, good when he/she think and analyze information, bad when he/she just “learn”. It builds builds straight view to things, some sort of algorithms are developed to solve the problems.

‘One in One’ lecture recording (writing) gives to ordinary student,

1) waste of time, certainly there will be necessary time to “digg” the same materil once again.

2)  there could be some other points, but the most important it is starting to kill the ability to think and see problems from different point of view.

It would be great, there will be the lecture that describes some secrets.

a) starting from the point that ‘one in one’ lecture from teachers words could no be really good (alien material, no personal thoughts and imagination about it).

b) beginning point could be teachers lectures, but written by student, when he/she used brain no just pen and ears. Unfortunately there could be the problem with speedy and crazy fast lectures, when material is given so fast, it’s very difficult to hear all material (not think about it).

c) more better way could be brief notes (personal notes) from the professor lecture. This one is working, when there are good sources (external materials) available, if you do not catch something, take book and do it.

One group do not want to learn, second group do not want to teach. Is there anybody out there ? Thanks God, yes.