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Responsibility or Human factor disease

Responsibility. How simple that word is and it’s not hard to be responsible.


Human factor, in fact one person laziness or bad mood can do a lot of things. Imagine, simple guy in a call center [or department related with clients communication] can catch a bad mood loose concentration and company good face could be in danger, that earned for years.

OK, one bad-mood person is not able to destroy company face. It’s more individual: 1[one] 2[two] 5[five] or 25[twenty-five] unhappy clients for a day is not the entire world. These 5 unhappy can talk to some other 25 friends and so on, but not to 6 billions.

Nice to know, there are companies which care about their clients [at least care about people in company who are working with clients].

Yesterday was a big surprise to receive reply from local representative of Lufthansa to non-trivial question after 30 minutes [sending e-mail to hidden address]. Yes, Lufthansa is too big company and they should care. But time ago it wasn’t a problem to receive reply from UPS and DPD, but up to this time I receive nothing from their concurrents.

It could be that my questions were received by “right” person [who cares], and by bad in negative case. Who knows ? Someone can have completely different experience.

Month Citation

I’m free and I’m waiting for you to follow me…
No, it’s not the citation, I want to share with you, it’s line from The Who song. Call it as prelude for the month citation.

What about citation, it is the difference between latvian and indian people;

latvian is driving Lexux and always unhappy, indian is living on the road and happy.

Brain Damage II [Two]

I want to share with two worst computer inventions for me.


Two invented tools are bothering me every day and leaving bad impact for any computer user [not only for me]. They are saving human brains from two vital functions: writing and counting !

1) Spellchecker, browser’s spellchecker. Damn it ! I’m using web-browser and text composing heavily at work.
There was a time, when I overused bad spellchecker. One day when I tried to write some text without computer help on plain paper. Big problems emerged to write some words, I waited for invisible spellchecker popped up and saved my brain from thinking how to write word correctly.
Stop using your spellchecker or at least think about crosslined errors in your text.

2) Calculator ! You can argue with me and said, that calculators exist outside of the computers.
Ok, I heard about that, but I do not own any calculator for last 5 or 7 years. Indeed computer calculator does its job very well. It keeping your brain away from simple arithmetic and one day you can find that you do not know the answer for 8×8 equation or worse for 8×3.


When I was a child I had a fever … now I got that feeling once again

I hate medicine ! I become very nervous, when I have any relation to traditional medicine procedures.

Damn it !!! Today I was obliged to get vaccinated against yellow fewer. It was like snow in july sunny day. At the end of workday I was told that before trip to India, I must get vaccinated and get international certificate, that I’m certified supporter of anti yellow fewer movement.

Vaccination works after 10 days…
There is no cure for yellow fewer, and I will not write about illness effects, they are not too attractive.
Anyway I found that generally it is not required to have yellow fewer vaccination, when you are travelling to India. India is not included to dangerous country list as well.

General information about yellow fever vaccination related to India,

Yellow Fewer
Required for all travelers arriving from or transiting through a yellow-
fever-infected area in Africa or the Americas. Not recommended otherwise.

Latvia is not included in yellow-fewer infected area, as I know. My vaccination will be worth for further travel adventures. There are some informative resources about medicine and requirements for travelers.
1) Information in English,
2) Information in Latvian.

Small amount of yellow fewer inside me now, be afraid of mosquitos.


I’m just talking about my g-g-g-generations

Have you ever thought about number of generations, when your blood is crosslinked with relative’s blood [husband or wife] ?

Traditionally european people are aware of 3 or 4 generations before, 4 or more only when you are over curios about topic. Let’s imagine India, different sources are telling that north indians can be very sensitive about generation crosslink.

North India man and woman should be 10 generations “free” of blood crosslink, then they can marry [for those who are following traditions]. It sounds crazy to account all relatives for such long time. Especially if you know the fact, that south indian can marry uncle daughter. Such contrast sounds weird, but it is only one from many contrasts that are available in India.

Especially for us europeans, I do not know about european nationality that are following relatives accounting for 10 generations and decide whether to marry or not.

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