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The difference between Google and Yahoo.

Recently I started to think to switch to from Google to Yahoo.
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Rich Text Editor and Safari.

Rich Text Editor on WordPress does not work correctly on Safari 3 beta. It supposed to be known problem.

Rich Text Editor – Editor that is used to write Rich Text Format files. Rich Text Format is a proprietary document file format developed by Microsoft for cross-platform document interchange. Most word processors are able to read and write RTF documents. From Wikipedia.

In other words Rich Text Editor is ‘I see what I write’ or ‘I write what I see’. the opposite is the great tool Latex, where all text is entered together with commands, that are responsible for different settings borders, symbols, etc. etc. That allows to avoid ugly documents, that sometime are created by “standard” office programs.

It looks like Safary is mixing commands from WordPress, as spacing, paragraph, links, images are not taken in consideration.

So currently either ‘Code’ should be used to type post (similar way to Latex), when “all rules are set with commands”, or use other browser like Camino.

Latvian or non-standard spell-check on Safari and other Mac applications.

ALatvian spell-check issue is gone at Mac (partially). Thank to the Normunds and “Power of Google”.

Great feature of browser – spell-check. Firefox provides support for different non-standard languages, latvian support is available there too, but remember – the point is to use Safari.

So Firefox is not a solution, MacOS provides support for standard widely used languages (ok, probably languages of the countries, where Apple products are very popular). The nice thing is that spell-check is not hardcoded to any applications, but it works for applications like web-browser, text-editors, etc. The bad thing there is no Latvian, even Leopard does not have Latvian localization (like support for Russian and Polish localization is added), but it is not a big surprise, really.

Luckily, there is a solution, the bad fact that used dictionary is old, but it contains words to check-spell anyway and you can educate it.

Software cocoAspell is the key to our problem. Aspell software installation is very easy, installing dictionaries process asks more resources.

1. First of all you have download it, link for Intel Macs.

2. Installation process is on GUI, that’s why only read instructions and use ‘Next’ button.

3. After successful installation go to ‘System Preferences’ of your Mac, there should be new menu ‘spelling’, it does not contain correct dictionaries yet.

4. Different languages dictionaries are available to download, there is not only latvian, but a lot of different languages. I’m not sure about the dictionary freshness.

5. Most likely dictionary file will be archived, you have to de-archive it, then place files into the /Library/Application Support/cocoAspell/ directory.

6. Go to ‘System Preferences’ —> ‘Spelling’ and select language you need, Latvian my case.

7. Restart Finder, go to the ‘Force Quit’ menu, ‘Relaunch’ button is provided for ‘Finder’ application.

8. To enable your language spell-checking on the specific application. ‘Right-click’ on the text editor program Window —> ‘Spelling’ —-> Select your Dictionary.

That’s all folks, enjoy spell-checking feature.