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Mass deregulation of the mass communication is the end of democracy.

Deep phrase.

It is taken from the movie “Orwell Rolls in His Grave“, that describes media power development and other very important US issues, that are related to other countries too. It is full with information, questions and theories, that turns to make surprised and deep conclusions.

One of the authors conclusions/thoughts (as chronicle), some of them are presented as news headlines,

Budget deficit bad

Budget deficit good

Osa*a B*n L*den

Osa*a B*n L*den

Wanted DEAD or ALIVE!

Forget Osa*a

It’s Sad*am

His nuclear Weapons!

His chemical Weapons!!

Where are these weapons ?

It’s not about that, it’s about Iraqi Democracy.

Where is Osa*a B*n L*den ?

Who cares…

Drive this presidense like you stole it.

Author builds different controversial theories, that are presented at the movie. As well there are some predictions for the regulations types that were not at 2003 (even possible), however they appeared after that.

Well as far as I notice, it looks like that invented method of country regulation by Soviet Union seems to gain popularity across the World, when the government and all processes are being regulated by the small groups, in order to defend and expand their interests. Despite of the fact that Soviet Union model of the regulation is strongly criticized by “democratic” society. A lot of ideas are taken from unsuccessful experiment, probably just some of them are being realized on different way.

P.S. Fine, time to find some free time and read “1984”, finally.

Interim Government.

Movie “The revolution will not be televised” is pretty interesting one.chavez.jpg

Certainly someone would call it as unhidden propaganda of Hugo Rafael Chavez politics, Hugo Rafael Chavez is Venezuela President (by the way Venezuela is oil reach country, the 4th reachest country in the world). Probably it is more one way documentary, however there is shown few opposition views.

For me the movie is nice description about the events, I had nothing information before. Actually movie is concentrated about one day coupe (unsuccessful at the end), when opposition generals, crowd had tried to establish their own government, Chavez was prisoned at the island. There were a lot of rumors that coup was initiated by one country (the most active player at the current world geopolitics), however there are not direct testimonies for this fact, however it is pity to deny the fact, that their were not interested to change unfavored Hugo Chavez regime.

Interesting fact, that there are too less information about this event. One day (12 April 2002) of interim government ruined plans to slow down raise of Chavez. As currently charismatic Venezuelan leader is sensitive pain for some geopolitical players, as well Venezuelan nature treasures – as very desired peace to manage.

Wicker men or shadows in the Latvian politics.

Atlaist Saeimu.I think I’m ready to present my thoughts about problematic situation on the todays Latvian politics.

Recent events are worrying me that were taken place here in Latvia this week.

Let’s start from the beginning and look at the current quotas at Saeima (Saeima – Latvian Parliament), data from CVK,

Tautas Partija – 23;

ZZS – 18;

Jaunais Laiks – 18;

Saskaņas Centrs – 17;

LPP/LC – 10;

TB/LNNK – 8;

PCTVL – 6.

Currently Parliament is managed by “Tautas Partija“, “ZZS“, “LPP/LC” and “TB/LNNK” = 23+18+10+8 = 59

Atlaist Saiemu” (“Fire them all [Saiemu]” was the main topic of the political strike on Wednesday. Interesting fact that strike was strongly supported by two opposition political parties (“Jaunais Laiks” un “Saskaņas centrs“).

Interesting fact that these two parties are almost “fire and water“, completely opposite on their programs and thoughts, not so radical like “TB/LNNK” vs. “PCTVL”, but very populistic for sure. Probably they had forgotten the conflict about “education reform”, that was followed with strongest resonance and both parties were on the opposite sides. But this is not the idea of this post.

Atlaist Saeimu”, I’m asking myself, it is sentence to fire “cabinet of ministers” or entire “Saeimu“/Parliament. First scenario would not change anything IMHO, because it is very hard to imagine “TP”/”LPP/LC” with “Jaunais Laiks” on the same coalition due to different factors on history.

On other hand “Jaunais Laiks” and “Saskaņas centrs” together – the one scenario to get stable coalition, it does not sound real too. As both parties rating would be strongly decreased as well as voters trust. Unrealistic^100 to imagine coalition wit “TB/LNNK” and “Saskaņas centrs” together too. So not easy to imagine what kind of improvements they would offer and how these improvements would be realized on real life.

Second scenario is more dangerous, “Atlaist Saiemu” at all. Interesting sentence people asked to fire “Saiemu“/Parliament, but they[political parties members] are members of the “Saiema” too, it is like ask to fire yourself.

On other hand it is time to accept Latvian republic budget to the next year. That supposed to be like good/stabilizing budget for the country, as due to the rumors local country economy experts were consulting coalition to set correct priorities. So it should be time to accept budget and try to survive from the inevitable “economic crisis”, but some people are taking care of things less important and setting instability to “Saeima” at problematic time. Weird.

Of course, coalition are not angels, and the reason why “sabra-cadabra” has been started, that Premier Minister has made  tactical mistake to fire head of “Anti-corruption Bureau”, not at correct time and with unclear definition. Probably this is managed by “higher” people/independent consultants, probably “Anti-corruption Bureau” has “death-sentence” materials to these consultants (why it could be used without head of this Bureau), however it could not be the reason to set complete chaos and “Atlaist Saiemu” at this important time.

English summer rain, it seems to last for ages.

This is EnglandIt is hard to stay unresponsive after this film. I think that even the extremist racists could not able to stay unresponsive after this film.

Shortly story is about skinheads or even nazi at the England at 1983 (story about boy, who s father died at Falklands war, how he found and spent time with the new “company”).

Movie is not “soft” and contains very rough and tough/violent scenes, however movie forces to think about the different things (one of the purposes of each movie).

One of the thought is that most of troubles and problems human generates by his own in time of idleness, when he/she gets work to do, when he/she has and idea to fill the free time.

Second one is more related to the film topic, movie shows extremist nazi/racist group in England, firstly it is shown that they are against Pakistan, sometimes is is shown, that they are against black people, finally at end it is clearly shown that they are against people, who have normal parents, normal house, normal friends and normal work (things that they do not have, and even do not want to have).

I should admit that there are a lot of different groups of people, mostly at the center of London and in specific areas (London is the only, where I was in England), sometimes it is not easy to perceive all of them, but certainly there is no any reason to take the guns and shot all of them, just because they are “invading” your homeland.

As in every “hate” between nations, just exist groups that are firing conflicts with “dumb” ideas and actions. It is very silly to set all nation people to “bad” group, just because of some “stupid” actions (sometimes systematic). Every race, nation contains good people, who can respect the other and cooperate with them, vice versa every race, nation has groups of people that are not able to respect other representatives due to their limitation, lack of the imagination, other problems.

As well I’m not against healthy “nationalism” or patriotism, that is used to protect nation from the foreigners, when immigrants are building their own order, set total disrespect for domestic tradition, language, religion. Such kind of immigrants are annoying too, why then they came to other land to build their own “world”, in case it is built already by the nation there.

Film is full of impressive scene, at the end when black guy, who previously was also member of this group, that at the beginning was for ‘good England’. Black guy was invited to the house of current organization leader, word by word they clarify that he [black guy] has a lot of things, that other current members do not have or even do not willing to have. Unbelievably truly is show strongest envy on the face of the leader, as they “good” people with great ideas do not have and did not have anything like that. They numb ideas do not work and the main hero finally is making right conclusion.

Anyway film is impressing (at least for me). Thanks to Dmitry for the recommendation.

Мы танцуем на палубе тонущего корабля/We are dancing on the sinking ship

This mail from the one of the biggest Latvian mobile operator to Latvian goverment and president, approves my thoughts that I will never again use their services (at least not from my own pocket).

In case some of you do not understand Latvian, in brief this mail is about company offer and worries about Latvian future to Latvian government. Currently as far as I know, Latvian government uses services of other mobile company (first and the biggest at Latvia), second company is trying to compete. Very high level of the inflation is right now at the country, second company (which sent open letter to the government) has offered to their aid to bit the inflation and therefore government should use their services, that will be with 30% discount to the current price.

Nice and artful offer, however if we left behind such things as offered quality, differences at price, company faces on the market and other things. Why they are giving their offer to government guys, what about ordinary people (which factors do not allow them to get the same discount). There is not any offers to ordinary people, of course it is business. Government guys would give a lot of additional incomes and 30% is very worth discount. It’s like great play and speculation about the inflation, if all their clients and potential clients will get such discount, that would help you with inflation, not such “load” offers.