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Money “blackhole”.

Do you know the main advantage of point and shoot camera (Russian and Latvian languages have more ironic meanings “мыльница” and “ziepju trauks” ) ? It is ready to use since camera is unpacked from the box. Top models for point and shoot cameras are very strong opponent for dSLR cameras (digital single lens reflex).

The photograph is making and creating pictures, camera is just helping him/her. However expenses for point and shoot cameras are not compared to dSLR. These expenses for point and shoot consists of memory card, price for them is not very high, and if you are unlucky batteries/accumulators and charger required. That’s all and you are ready to create ‘master pieces’.

The different story is about dSLR cameras.

I have played with them on this weekend. I have almost lost interest to photographynikon.jpg canon.jpg(currently we have point and shot camera), however on the weekend played with dSLR and this lighted fire again. In case I would buy camera tomorrow, most likely I would select between Canon EOS 400D or 40D :), and Nikon D80. Thanks, that I have another priorities now, that’s why a lot of time to make correct decision.

However, dSLR camera would become real money “blackhole”. Just imagine, how much it would cost.

– Second battery;

– normal flash;

– additional objectives (in case default would not satisfy);

– filter, lens.

OMG, expensive toy, I must say.