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It is not a bad taste, it is good !

When there is no idea about gift (of course nothing could be better than hand-made gift), the collection like this can help you.

Traces of these collection were discovered in the Alan Deko shop, that is famous with original home design gadgets. There were approximately 10 different bears available, Bad Taste Bears page gives extensive offer for different bear,

Figurines authors have original sense of humor and imagination, this bear is my favorite one,


Pity, as all good things, these nice bears are a bit pricy.

One of These Days or Citroen C3 Capacity

About Saturday.

Firstly I have thoughts to write about “Rigas Satiksme”, beauties of Riga public transport or the conductor, who makes 0.2$ over-income from each passenger. But let it be for their conscience.

I want to share more pleasant things. Certainly it is worth to spend one day without a car and see places around you, that are not possible with car.

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Post just for memories about year 2007, in chronological order.

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Something invaluable.

Sorry 23 minutes. just 23 minutes.

Unrepeatable passion.



Back from Belarus and Merry Christmas.

Interesting experience – 3 hour delays on Latvian-Belarus border. As well do not go by car on road 66 (Riga-Daugavpils) in Christmas, especially when it is dark.

Finally, Merry Christmas for you all.

P.S. If you forgot to send electronic congratulations to fellows, check this one.

The service is free and almost free of ads (one thing postmark remembers you about Cupertino 🙂