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If you’re goin’ to San Francisco, You’re gonna meet some gentle people there.

I noticed that as more places I have visited, I have one band or song in the mind. At the time I hear this song, I remember the city,place and most memorable moments.

Here is the list for the cities, that are strongly associated with the different songs. Some of the cities visited for the 1.5 year,

– Berlin is strongly associated with Judas Priest “Painkiller”. The answer to this association comes from the fact, that when I first time was at Berlin, I have my mp3 player, where one of the album was “PainKiller”. I arrived at Berlin at 00:00 from Hamburg and my plane was at 06:30. So I decided that I have time to get to the train that bring me to the Shonefeld Airport. The way to Shonefeld was not so easy. For half an hour I was unable to find “S” station, then I finally found it and started to wait. 20 minutes after there was S9 or S7 that has destination Shonefeld, but that’s a shame that was one of the latest trains, it destination was Ostbahnhof (~15km before Shonefeld). I spent 2 hours at the Osbahnhof listened to “Judas Priest”, then at 3 0’clock I decided to have a walk to the next station, because there were a train that departed 30 minutes earlier. Additional hour to hear the Judas Priest, I successfully reached Warchauer street, went through turkish “banda” meeting, and without any problem arrived to airport.

– Sharm-el-Sheikh is associated with Pink Floyd and especially “Delicate Sound of Thunder“, and especially song “One of These Days”. This music was loaded at the Normis IPOD. One of these days always remembers about 2 o’clock at the morning, nice night lights of Sharm-El-Sheikh at nigh, road to Cairo. Uh, was anybody expected about the issues, what happened later (disgusting food quality at Cairo cafe was not good for half of stomachs from our group).

– Liepāja brings so many associations with different bands (especially Latvian bands, as there were too many from this town), however one foreign band is associated too. It is  “Scorpions” with  symphonic orchestra, this goes from Trip to Liepaja at July this year. When we showed real Baltic sea for the guests, we have moved from Rīgat at 16:00, there was sunny +22-23 weather, near the Liepāja we met +14-15 and heavy raining. At this time this album was played at the car.

Other associations that already emerge,

– Orlando, “Placebo” – “Every you and every me”. This trip to Orlando was not planned, I had tickets to their concert at Rīga, but then plans changed and I went to US.

– London, “The Verve – Bittter Sweet Symphony”. I do not why The Verve.

Math everywhere

Every law and regularity have own math formula, even law and fact that are not related to math anyhow. That’s why good math skills are very important at life.
There are some nice statements, that proves that every fact depends on math statement, or at least it is possible to find math statement to each law, most interesting are:

Waste = Want – Need
Denial = What I think – Facts
Innovation = Altruism + A really good patent attorney
Obsession = Thinking + Thinking + Thinking
Science = Solution x Funding
Inertia = What we should doing/what we are doing

Мы танцуем на палубе тонущего корабля/We are dancing on the sinking ship

This mail from the one of the biggest Latvian mobile operator to Latvian goverment and president, approves my thoughts that I will never again use their services (at least not from my own pocket).

In case some of you do not understand Latvian, in brief this mail is about company offer and worries about Latvian future to Latvian government. Currently as far as I know, Latvian government uses services of other mobile company (first and the biggest at Latvia), second company is trying to compete. Very high level of the inflation is right now at the country, second company (which sent open letter to the government) has offered to their aid to bit the inflation and therefore government should use their services, that will be with 30% discount to the current price.

Nice and artful offer, however if we left behind such things as offered quality, differences at price, company faces on the market and other things. Why they are giving their offer to government guys, what about ordinary people (which factors do not allow them to get the same discount). There is not any offers to ordinary people, of course it is business. Government guys would give a lot of additional incomes and 30% is very worth discount. It’s like great play and speculation about the inflation, if all their clients and potential clients will get such discount, that would help you with inflation, not such “load” offers.

Laughs and jokes around,

I’m wondering, what kind of thoughts are on the people mind, who decided to throw out dog, cat or any other pet from the home.
As I believe that pet is almost the same as family member (child, parents), probably less complicated education is required, but anyway it is rather big responsibility, as pet is also living its own life.

Probably there are 1-5 % “force majour” accidents, when it is not possible to take care any more for the acquired pet. There is a chance to give the pet to special “pet home”. I’m not sure about the requirements there, about how they are followed (as these requirements are described on the pet home web pages). Luckily, I did not have any experience, I would like not have this experience ever. But I believe, if pet was grown as normal pet, there should not be any problems. As well even quality food and total expenses for pet are not too high, e.g. my cat expenses are not higher than 15Ls (30$) at month, despite of fact that it has one of the most expensive cat food available.

This summer brought new fashion features here in Latvia. All the “fifas*” got new fashion thing, that establish their status. They have small dogs, it is very funny to see them at stores carrying Chihuahua and other small dogs at the bag, that everyone can see “Look out, I have dog, I’m cool”. Probably some of them indeed love pets and take care of them, but I’m not sure that all of them, as for me it looks like object, object that is alive.
Chihuahua life may long up to 15-20 years, I would like to believe, that fashion end would not make the situation, when homeless chihuahua would run across the streets. Interesting what will these women do with them, when the fashion will be over ?

* “fifas” – posh women (mostly girls up to 20-24 years), style and public opinions are most important things.

Muffin man

Interesting fact, that potatoes give you more calories than rice. I have believed that rice is the lowest calories food, that could be.
This chart that google found for me is stating that it is not true, other food is present her too.

Well interesting, I’m not freak who is counting calories at the daily food. I’m trying to go with healthy food (unfortunately it is not always possible, especially for the lunch).

P.S. Sorry for such spam topic.