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Responsibility or Human factor disease

Responsibility. How simple that word is and it’s not hard to be responsible.


Human factor, in fact one person laziness or bad mood can do a lot of things. Imagine, simple guy in a call center [or department related with clients communication] can catch a bad mood loose concentration and company good face could be in danger, that earned for years.

OK, one bad-mood person is not able to destroy company face. It’s more individual: 1[one] 2[two] 5[five] or 25[twenty-five] unhappy clients for a day is not the entire world. These 5 unhappy can talk to some other 25 friends and so on, but not to 6 billions.

Nice to know, there are companies which care about their clients [at least care about people in company who are working with clients].

Yesterday was a big surprise to receive reply from local representative of Lufthansa to non-trivial question after 30 minutes [sending e-mail to hidden address]. Yes, Lufthansa is too big company and they should care. But time ago it wasn’t a problem to receive reply from UPS and DPD, but up to this time I receive nothing from their concurrents.

It could be that my questions were received by “right” person [who cares], and by bad in negative case. Who knows ? Someone can have completely different experience.

Muffin man

Interesting fact, that potatoes give you more calories than rice. I have believed that rice is the lowest calories food, that could be.
This chart that google found for me is stating that it is not true, other food is present her too.

Well interesting, I’m not freak who is counting calories at the daily food. I’m trying to go with healthy food (unfortunately it is not always possible, especially for the lunch).

P.S. Sorry for such spam topic.

Daudz zābaku pa manu zemi staigā/A lot of boots are walking by my homeland.

Uff, I was not expecting to start the blog from such controversial topic. I’m not sure about correct translation to english, however originaly this is the name of the song that is written famous Latvian hard-rock band “Līvi”.

The song was originally written at the time of “Atmoda” (some information is given on the link), the time when Latvia gained the independence. The main theme is protest about the communiste regime and people who support it.

As fas as I observe the current situation in Latvia, the song is becoming actual and actual for me. Huh, I’m not talking about the collisions between latvian and russian organization (it is just another pain in ***). The topic that concerns my mind is foreing tourists in Latvia.

Actually you may divide all the tourist visiting Latvia to the two main groups, first group persons that are actually interested about country culture, history and inhabitants (mainly they are persons after ~50), second group persons that are going to Latvia to spend their money and get cheap enterntaiment, drinks, girls. I appreciate people from the first group, however second group is starting to annoy me more and more.

Well, low cost airlines, cheap alcohol and cheap girls are caused the storm of young human beings from the Britain islands every thursday/friday. Well their behaviour is described many times in different sources (even airlines magazines include information that Latvian Liberty Monument is not suitable place for toilet).
The main problem that is affecting me and I think normal tourirsts, that it is not possible to go trough Old Riga town, if you are not speaking latvian or russian. Because you will be insistently invited to spend your time with “beaty latvian girl”, even if you are not looking for such opportunity. If it is one time for a day, it is acceptable, but when for 1.5 hour you get ~5-6 invites, it is really disgusting. Normal tourists have spectacle that Latvia (Riga) is the big center of “specific” entertaiment. I do not like both of them uncultural foreigners and local pimps/girls, I’m not able to decide who provides more discomfort.
Heh off course if you will not go to Old Town you will not see both of them (ok, probably some girls are working near my work, however they are do not insist their services), but this is not the point…

First/Second topic

Well, Hello.
This is going to be the first post at this blog (or second post as WordPress creates default post by him self).
A lot of bloggers are trying to explain within the first post, why they are starting their Internet blog. I’m not going to be original in this matter, I’m going to share my ideas of the things that are actual for me and people around me, as well any interesting facts and behaviours that I discover and which are looking interesting for me (probably for any other person too).
As my work is related to computer networking, this could be very actual topic for me, as well a lot of things are interesting to me like, networking, sports (especially ice-hockey, football, basketball, etc.), music (rock, heavy-metall and other styles), Apple products, Cisco products, politics, science, documentary movies, etc.
I want to believe that I will not abandon this blog, as I have done with a numerous ones as I remember (blogger, livejournal, emm …)
As well it will great if I will get more than 5-7 readers of this blog, who will be interested in thigs I’m posting here.
Ah, I will try to post all the articles in English, as this is language a lot of people are speaking (if chinesse is excluded), as well there might be latvian and russian articles, or any other funny language.