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Post just for memories about year 2007, in chronological order.

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Something invaluable.

Sorry 23 minutes. just 23 minutes.

Unrepeatable passion.



Back from Belarus and Merry Christmas.

Interesting experience – 3 hour delays on Latvian-Belarus border. As well do not go by car on road 66 (Riga-Daugavpils) in Christmas, especially when it is dark.

Finally, Merry Christmas for you all.

P.S. If you forgot to send electronic congratulations to fellows, check this one.

The service is free and almost free of ads (one thing postmark remembers you about Cupertino 🙂

You can go faster, but I can go anywhere.

It is about Land-Rover Defender, not about my car.

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Back from Sharm, back from work.

Back to Riga, back to work, back to normal food, back to routine.

Two times this year I had the opportunity to visit Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh), two times I wasn’t the one who decided that I should go there. Despite of huge amount of work, some negative aspects, it was nice experience, as it turned to look at some things from different prospective. However it is different story ,

so what about Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh) ?

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