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Lyrics of the day [4], or how long can a human live without water and food.

So, day by day my car’s stereo system plays interesting songs, that could be starting point to think aboutdifferent things.

So, how many days you can live without water and food, I suppose most of us are aware of the reply to this question.

“A person can live without food for quite some time, usually for many weeks.
The body will use its fat and protein stores (muscles) to help it survive.
If a person has a lot of fat stores (is very heavy), they will live longer than a

person who has very little fat (very thin), so how long a person can survive
depends a lot of the person.

Water is a different story. A person will die within 3-4 days without water. The

size of the person really doesn’t make much difference. “


But, I’m just curios, how long humans can live without two vital things of the modern world, they are Electricity and Fuel/Oil.

Our lives are impossible to imagine without these two things. Well, some researches say, that after some years (10-20, …) we will check how humans can live without Oil.

But imagine, there were no electricity at all, something unbelievable.

So,  original song, everything is about fuel,

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Lyrics of the day [3].

Certainly I do not like “pure” lyrics (sorry piece of poetry could be correct word), or probably I do not understand or perceive such type of art. However, music lyric is something different, as some of them with deep meaning (at least for some) and good/great melody creates the right combination for me.

Probably, because lyrics are accompanied with good music, or music is accompanied with good lyrics (both). Anyway some song lyrics are able to touch deep inside. Mood takes big effect to the music/lyrics that you would like to listen at this time.

Moreover I think it is crime and big disrespect to listen only for songs, that are being rated as most popular. As far as I notice, when band/performer is creating good quality material, then all songs are able to “catch” in the specific moment. Not only these one, that are being created to attract mass public. I’ve found different albums, from the first time I thought that it is total crap, but from the 3-4 time they become very close for me.

Back to lyrics of the day [3], today one song “caught” me, good “medicine” to throw out something from you head. Excuse me, reader, in case you do not understand Russian at all, as I think it is not possible to translate lyrics into different languages and save the idea, that author wanted to open with the “master pieces”. Continue reading

Don’t give up on the dream.


I have a dream.

Actually I have a lot of dreams, some of them precisely formed on my mind, some of them are “foggy”, uncertain, when dream directions is known, but it is not possible to clarify all of them.

Well, this one is strongly clarified. I know that Iron Maiden will never come to Riga (place where I used to live). Probably they might visit Tallinn, that states for the capital of the Estonia, another Baltic state of the North/East Europe. Metallica visited Estonia, there were able to reach the record, there were ~80.000 people at the concert. Probably not 80.000, but there should be enough crowd.

Well, first time I hear Iron Maiden at 1998-1999. I always respected good music with good vocal. Bruce Dickinson (at the photo) certainly is one of the guys, who is able to sing well. They become to the top favorites bands for me, when I watched “Rock in Rio“, oh man, one of the greatest live show, I’ve ever seen.

Two years in the row, I was trying to go to their show (Stockholm, Frankfurt/Ludwigshafen, Prague, Belgium), different factors and circumstances did not allow to go, unfortunately.

However, I started to think. Great screen, outstanding stereo system and DVD with the concert could be good alternative (I’m getting older, I feel). Ehm, concert performance couldn’t be compared to studio album and atmosphere from the concert is something unforgettable. Certainly, I’m not able to survive at the fan-zone for the entire concert, sometimes at the normal sectors is getting very hot too (I do not like unmanaged crowds), that can disturb to enjoy the concert. That’s why I started to think about the alternative.

As well, I remember feelings from Metallica concert, when the first song “The ecstasy of Gold” started, it is unforgettable moment. Such moment, when you expecting something, that you have never seen, then Lars (Metallica drummer) appeared on the scene, and show begins. This first song produced such unforgettable feelings. As well it is quite amazing, when 80000 people crowd is applaunding and reacts.

That’s the reason to go to such concerts, I can’t expect what kind of feelings could be at Iron Maiden. Eh, so following 2008 dates and hope that I will have better luck.

At the end, lyrics from the last album first song. As usually, I’m fan of the lyrics, that may say a lot with simple words (this topic is so actual at the recent days).

Tell me what you can hear
And then tell me what you see
Everybody has a different way to view the world
I would like you to know, when you see the simple things
To appreciate this life it’s not too late to learn.

Smith/Harris, Iron Maiden.




Going home suddenly this song was shuffled on  car’s magnetophone, unfortunately such things are impossible.

However when we say impossible, we make things impossible, but if someone would believe that this is possible and infect other minds with the idea, then a lot of things to do become possible and real. Unfortunately such persons is not very common thing, because they are absorbed by “world system” and “circumstances”. However it is worth to start from the simple things, that may bring family, country, world to another unreachable level.

“Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one”

John Lennon (1971).