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God spends vacation on Yogyakarta

At least mine.

After 30 hours flight arrived in Yogyakarta-a-a. Yes, Yogyakarta-a-a not Yogyakarta. Woman with nice asian accent welcomes you to the nice city of Yogyakarta-a-a-a. Also Jogja, Jogjakarta, Yogya, Jogyakarta, Yogjakarta, I asked local people about the name and he said, that he doesn’t know which one correct.

City of magic Yogyakarta is located in unique place. Active volcano Merapi is located on the north and amazing beach on the south. But there is something else there, that lets your soul to sing. I don’t know what it is, but there is something. That places Yogyakarta to the my list of most favorite cities.

Mumbai’sDeja vu” was the first feeling that came in my mind, when we arrived. Later I realized the “biiiiiiig” difference, no rubbish, less poor people on the streets, the same traffic but without “beeping”, no rushing, kindness of local people [especially for our guides, many special thanks to Valens, Novan and team] … Someone came there and make more civilized…

Probably our guides selected correct places to visit, maybe… but even without a places, there is something that makes your soul to sing… to see volcano fumes out of the window and lost the feeling of time walking down to the Indian ocean beach…

Yogyakarta Indonesia

P.S. There is no too much photos on Flickr now [shortage of free time], but I’ll try to follow up.