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How, Mr. Boginskis (almost) purchased first gadget from e-bay.

I have used to avoid purchasing things from e-bay.

This Friday I was at the payment confirmation, then some mysterious forces told me to stop.

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Mister “Liquid crystal”.

BelarusI’m back from Belarus.

I do not see anything new and I’m not surprised by any fact. Everything is just the same as 2-3 years ago. One difference that now there is mobile operator (even two), “BY Welcom” and “MTS :)”.  Belarus, mostly rural territory, is always projection of the USSR, how country would develop, in case 1991 did not bring new countries. Central cities like Minsk, Vitebsk are far away from the province. But small towns and villages, the best projection of the USSR in the future in my opinion, because different options are there that were specific to Soviet Union.

Border crossing procedure was nightmare from one side, and funny from the other side. As we are used to cross non-existing EU borders without any tricks. Latvian border was fast enough, we gave passports, driver license, car passport and car insurance policy. These documents are checked fast enough (the same procedure for the return journey). Belarus border is funny and tricky.

First block-post.

Go to the post, where is man, who gives you a “paper”. Paper – sheet of paper with checkpoints with 5 or 6 positions, where you should go. Before you get the paper, he/she asks the question,

– He: Which zone do you want to go ?

– I: emmm, zooonee ?

– H: you have to select zone, which you will use to cross Belarus border.

– I: what zones do you have ?

– H: Green and red, you have to choose one of them, which one ?

– I: emm, what is the difference ?

– H: there are two zones, you have to select by your-own.

– I: what is the difference ?

– H: Go and read manual (RTFM).

15 meters back, there is “manual” 4X5 meters, that describes the rules and entire procedure to cross the border in English, Belorussian, Russian languages. Green zone – nothing to declare, Red – goods to declare, however there is no any points, which goods to declare.

Back to the block-post,

– I: emm, probably green zone, but I’m not sure, I have two laptops with me, do I have to declare them ?

– H: Laaptops, what is that ?

– I: Emmm, notebook, portable personal computer ?

– H: Aeem, is it liquid crystal ?

– I: ?

– H: in case it is liquid crystal monitor, you have to declare them. Ok, I’m directing you to green zone.

– I: ???

He gave sheet of paper and declarations, where you should to write name surname and other information.

We entered to main border building, than one woman checked our passports, she was more informative about laptops and said, that declaration is not necessary. After passport control, you have to go and purchase life and car insurances. We have these insurances that’s why we skipped this step.

Then woman checked our baggage (just looked at this), remember that every person is making notes at your “sheet of paper”. The final step to us to give information about the car and final destination, new sheet of paper was given to us (3-rd), that we should give back on the return.

As we had nothing to declare, we skipped step number five and went to the exit block-post. Returned them “sheet of paper” with 5 signatures and stamps, and voila !

We are in Belarus!

Math everywhere

Every law and regularity have own math formula, even law and fact that are not related to math anyhow. That’s why good math skills are very important at life.
There are some nice statements, that proves that every fact depends on math statement, or at least it is possible to find math statement to each law, most interesting are:

Waste = Want – Need
Denial = What I think – Facts
Innovation = Altruism + A really good patent attorney
Obsession = Thinking + Thinking + Thinking
Science = Solution x Funding
Inertia = What we should doing/what we are doing