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Latvenergo Bills ! surprised me today [Latvenergo is energy company in Latvia].

Our new house is not too advanced and we do not have automatic system, when used amount of electricity is sent to Latvenergo. We have old-fashioned system, when guy is walking with sheet of paper and collecting the information. Every month we have that sheet in postbox.

I have used to pay Latvenergo bills. I do not like that fact, not because I’m not satisfied with nice Hanzanet automatic bill interface service. But because my salary and all money is on bank, I hate to pay 0.20LVL charge for transaction between banks.

Today, I’ve been so brave and checked page and discovered that it’s possible to pay bills by credit card,

Latvenergo Bills

Since bank is not listed as bank, where possible to send money from Internet bank [without charge]. I found credit card system attractive, I do not need to go anywhere and pay 0.20LVL. Great that they thought about alternative.

P.S. The last mile is Balticom internet, if I will find the way how to pay their bills from Nordea bank without charge, then I’m going close my hansabanka account.

Kitchen slogan

I thought it is great slogan for kitchen, where you can put on the wall the following text,

“If you’re not proud of it, don’t serve it.”

But this motto should be placed above exit door in the corridor, so you can see it every time when you escape to word, go and create stuff.

The phrase is taken from Seth Godin blog.

P.S. It is not possible all the time stuff, that you are proud of, but it is worth try.


Does anybody know, where to get similar constructions lamps in Europe ?


If you know about where to get these lamps in Latvia, it will be great.
I know where to get such lamps at US, but unfortunately they are not shipping these lamps to Europe. So, what about Europe ?

Curtains I would like to have.

Idea of these curtains is great, just look at them,


It could be great contrast between my rural view from the window and curtain that sometimes would force to remember about big city lights. There is a question, how they will protect your home from unauthorized eyes.

The interesting thing is that lights are no just white painting on black material, these are small holes that imitate lights.

However, (from original link, where curtains were discovered) it looks like these curtains are not available for mass production unfortunately.

One of These Days or Citroen C3 Capacity

About Saturday.

Firstly I have thoughts to write about “Rigas Satiksme”, beauties of Riga public transport or the conductor, who makes 0.2$ over-income from each passenger. But let it be for their conscience.

I want to share more pleasant things. Certainly it is worth to spend one day without a car and see places around you, that are not possible with car.

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