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Nobody knows the truth

Вчера вечером читая журнал, нет не “Privātā Dzīve” (там главный герой не может быть популярен). Журнал, которому я более доверяю “Ilustrētā vēsture“.

Статья в 3 строчки меня сразила наповал, в ней было написано, что причина смерти дедушки Ленина, вовсе не от пули или от отравления, а от достаточного бытового и приземленого сифилиса.

Конечно всю правду мы никогда не узнаем, да и есть ли смысл ворошить пепел прошлого и посыпать им лысые головы. Но как-то странно, что великий идол революции, который является культом для многих стороников, не умер во имя революции и своих идей (как всегда превозносила пропоганда), а умер тихо, мирно и по-житейски. Пеницилин в то время был неизвестен, как и гласность.


Открыв Гоогле и вбив Ленин сифилис 1992 (английский вариант годиться еще лучше), год гласности можно найти различное множество источников.

Incredible Africa

How much do we know about African countries ?

I guess usually we know nothing. Again, all the time we are joking about Americans who know only about America, but we also study only European history, European Art, European Culture, European geography. You can argue with me, that now our schools are teaching Malawi or Burkina-Faso geography and history in depth, but I doubt this fact.

We are too far from these 53 countries, we are too far from our wealthy cabinets and luxury cars. We had used to exploit African resources during colonialism, and continuing heavily to use them now. White masters men sitting in cabinets divided territories despite of the ethnic settlements, guys who never been on the place took the map and drew borders of new countries.

African Nature

I’m not insisting for anyone to feel sorry for African people, change life and go to help people in Africa. Only heroes will do, I’m not. But I want to clear huge informational gap, lot of African stories remain unknown for the wide public [including me]. I have an idea to create 53 posts. At least one post for one country, or more.

The Big Game, The lunatic is on the grass.

Do you know what is The Great game ?

No, it is not Super Bowl final game and even not big money Poker game.

R. Kipling introduced The Great Game for masses with novel Kim.
He gave the slogan for The Big Game,

When everyone is dead the Great Game is finished.

The Great Game is term for strategical fight for World dominance [emerged at the XIX century]. The Great Game started between Great Britain and Russia for supremacy in Central Asia. You can count for the World supremacy for that time. The Great Game continued in the XX century, even today The Great Game is not over [we are alive for now]. Only players are changing, the techniques and mistakes remain during centuries.

The Great Game is the battle between two dominant dipoles:

XIX century between Great Britain and Russia [original The Great Game],

XX century between USA and USSR [Cold War],

XXI century between USA and ? […]

Dipole World order is safer, it is safer for the entire World, only bad very bad for small territories and nationalities, where dipoles dominant countries interests are intersected. [Afghanistan, Persia others at the XIX, Europe countries, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Middle East, other at the XX]. Only dipole order is keeping the World from monopoly dominance, which is heading world to big catastrophe.

The Great Game

Movie about nation leader

I assume you know, who is Mahatma Gandhi. If you do not know much except that he was Indian leader for independence, find time and watch this film,


Movie is very balanced, it is documentary on the first place with great actor play beyond it . All the way long authentic atmosphere is following you, like you are one of the Gandhi supporters, who is following him.

If you do no know much about Gandhi, you will be introduced into the philosophy of non-violence and get the get illustration, how good human, can unite and hold together other people. How layer gained support of millions people and became spiritual leader of the biggest country in the World.

Certainly this movie is from the category, that you must see.

Every people can learn from Gandhi citation,

I am a Muslim and a Hindu and a Christian and a Jew.
And so are all of you.

Afghans free land

Can you imagine, that nobody has won a war against Afghanistan people ?

Since country of Afghanistan was established in 1747, it has no any valuable minerals, any valuable fossils, any oil deposits, there is[was] not any important trade routes across the country [only narcotic routes emerged in recent years].

There is nothing attractive, except crossroads location between asian east and west, north and south.

The most powerful nations invaded and fought against Afghanistan people, nobody is able to win them.

1) XIX century wars with Britain (one of the most powerful nation in XIX), Britain wanted to protect the richest India colony from Russia invasion or thoughts of invasion, so they found Afghanistan as the key,
First Anglo-Afghan War (1839-1842),
Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-1881),
Third Anglo-Afghan War (1919).
Officially Britain forces withdrew in all wars, but they were occupied some territory. Then after 1919 when there were no more threat from just established USSR, they went away.

2) XX century was another invasion from Soviet Union,
Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979-1989) – Soviet involvement.
That officially was stated as war to protect communist regime in Afghanistan. 10 years took a lot of people lives and leave great impact on Soviet economy and Afghanistan further development. Civil wars never ended there.

3) XXI century started from another war against Afghans people,
War in Afghanistan (2001–present) – US/NATO involvement.
that was launched in response for the september attacks, so called war on terrorism (US and UK).

As you may see everything repeats, the result is always the same. We are lucky, we do not know how it could be 30 years without small change for peace.