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It is not a bad taste, it is good !

When there is no idea about gift (of course nothing could be better than hand-made gift), the collection like this can help you.

Traces of these collection were discovered in the Alan Deko shop, that is famous with original home design gadgets. There were approximately 10 different bears available, Bad Taste Bears page gives extensive offer for different bear,

Figurines authors have original sense of humor and imagination, this bear is my favorite one,


Pity, as all good things, these nice bears are a bit pricy.


Muffin man

Interesting fact, that potatoes give you more calories than rice. I have believed that rice is the lowest calories food, that could be.
This chart that google found for me is stating that it is not true, other food is present her too.

Well interesting, I’m not freak who is counting calories at the daily food. I’m trying to go with healthy food (unfortunately it is not always possible, especially for the lunch).

P.S. Sorry for such spam topic.