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Wrong Attitude, Better Health. Food in Helsinki

On my trip to Helsinki, I didn’t have any plan, where to go, where to eat. Sleeping on a bench in the Vantaa airport, the only planned point of the entire journey [Iron Maiden concert was off the list].

I got big map of Helsinki in the central railroad station, walked down the streets for several hours. Sooner or later my stomach would ask me, where to eat in Helsinki ? I denied myself to think about McDonald’s or Hesburger. By the way, do you know that Hesburger is Finland company and it was founded in 1966 ?! Average food prices in Helsinki center almost ruined my optimism, I’m certainly not type of tourist who is ready to pay 40 Euros for main course.


Somewhere in center I saw signboard “Wrong Noodle Bar”, firstly read it as “Wrong Noody Bar” and thought, ooo striptease or similar service place. I was wrong, I grabbed big plate of Asian style fried rices with chicken and local blueberry ice tea for 8 Euros ! Once I paid for the meal, officiant gave me small “black box”. I took my seat and thought “wtf, why do I need black box” ?. Black box started to vibrate, when mine wrong noodles were ready. Together with offered hot sauce wrong noodles were very delicious. Cheap and delicious.

If you don’t have anything against Asian food, I recommend you to check Wrong Noodle Bar address, when you are going to Helsinki. Wrong Attitude, Better Health is Wrong Noodle bar slogan.


Helsinki – city of the Rock’n’Roll

Screeeaaam for me Helsinkiiii, screaaaam for me Helsinki !!! Wherever, wherever you are, Iron Maiden’s gonna get you, no matter how far…

I have tried to make a review about Iron Maiden concert, but I can’t, there are no words to reflect my emotions. All I can say, Helsinki is the capital of the Rock’n’Roll, you may argue Rock’n’Roll is dead, then Helsinki is the city of rock, of the Hard Rock. And I never forget:

Iron Maide, crazy Janick Gers

Iron Maiden fans invasion in Helsinki center;

big respect Avenged Sevenfold for extravaganza performance;

crowd unity and wave over stadium;

awesome concert organization from Suomi guys;

people rocking their hands in the balloon while flying near the stadium;

Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris, Janick Gers, Nicko McBrain craziness, when every new song is new show

Eddy’s tricks;

Bruce Dickinson’s eyes with tears

Next time when I will follow any band tour, I will look for Helsinki for sure.