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Yesterday topic continues.

Surprisingly, today I found one person, who is ready to come to follow Iron Maiden Nordic tour (in case ticket price will not be extremely high).

As well, today I have conversation with one colleague (I have offered him to join us), he had counter offer to join him on Wacken Open Air event, this band supposed to be there too. I have rejected this offer, I’m too old for this 🙂

Seriosly, as Maiden is one of the headliner, they will be at the end of the day. He said: “If you wake up early in the mu could get the opportunity to stand on the first rows”. Like this, (Metallica concert first rows in Tallinn 2006).
MetallicaAs probably somehow it is possible to stand 2 hours there, but not all the day long.

Colleague said: “I was at the first row 12 hours at one festival”. How it is possible for normal people, I have no idea. As even 5 hours is not too comfortable deal in the middle of 80000 crowd during “Metallica“, “Bullet for My Valentine” performance.

I think that single concert is better option. At the end lyrics about old rock-n-roller (in Russian).

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Don’t Give Up on The Dream 2.

Here we go “Iron Maiden On Tour 2008 (dates announced so far)”. I have waited for dates in Scandinavia, Germany or England.

Current set-list is the following,

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Раскачаем этот мир…/Let’s shake this world…

AriaThe concert proved my expectations, they are (Aria) still live. Most likely this band was the starting point for me, some 7/9 years ago, when I started to interest at rock, metal genres of music. For this time it was first chance to see them at live performance. The concert did not change my opinion, that I have for years. They play very quality music, songs are combination of great lyrics with deep meaning about different topics, there are many points, lastly this band songs do not contain any rude word and they never use them on concerts, interview, etc. That makes them to be at mainstream of Russian Heavy-metal bands.The concert gave me the impressions, that I expected before. It can be called as childhood or youth dreams come true. We were standing near to the scene, few meters from the scene. The concert ended with the broken voice and ton of the positive emotions from the band performance.

However, unfortunately good things come with bad things.Organization of the concert was not at the high level. Probably they have good experience for pop-concerts, but what should feel rock-musicians, when they go away from the scene for the first time (to return back after some time to play favorite songs), at that time show anchorman is jumping into the scene to say, that it was band … and thanks for them. At this time one of the band member is trying to say, that they are not finished yet. Weird, that makes band to return to the scene after 10 seconds, I believe not the time they expect. I wonder how far are our neighbors from Estonia (where I was at the concert) in the organization. As security men are doing their job, free water is given to first rows and other things, that are not seen at the first glance. Probably good bands are not interested in the Latvian market at all (it sounds like a true), that’s why organizators are not interested to improve their level.

Second, thing the crowd. I was talking about the people, who even do not know the current band members and wondering why singer is not here, who go away 5 years ago. Probably I’m becoming older, but I’m not feeling comfortable at the crowd, especially at the crowd where every second person is not really interesting at the action on the scene, some of them even do not understand what is going on (abuse of the alcohol and drugs), total unrespect to other bands who came before their favorite one. As we concluded with Dmitry, approximately 50% of the visitors came to this concert just because the price was low, what the difference to drink at the bar or show yourself at the crowd. Since now I’m for high prices for entrance ticket to such concerts, as this makes most people stay at home who are not interested at the event.

Crowd is the best place to see each person real face, as life is making them to wear mask, that are always with them.