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Products don’t sell. People Do.

Yes, Apple is marketing machine, it is very hard to argue with that fact.
Most likely the marketing was the only thing that saved company from bankruptcy at 1997 and brought them back to the top for these years.

A lot of different tricks and marketing inventions are used by them, to find them out it is enough to search for “Apple marketing” or “Apple Marketing tricks”, a lot of different sources will claim that company do not invent anything in the last years, they just develop and improve existing technologies and pack them smoothly by marketing machine.

One of the latest trick was announced by company founder,
what could be smarter than this ?
The price is decreased for the product (message to the new customers or to them who are not sure). But they – first customers, who were “main” beta testers of the product have message too. The company did not forget about them, but in the elegant way, they are offered credit to go and buy more new products. Great!