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Computer’s animation films beginning.

Pixar LampsHere is first animation film [Quicktime required]made on computers (probably one of the first), that was created at 1986. The film was created by Pixar Animation Studios, that is famous with great animations films at nowadays, like Ratatouille, Cars, Finding Nemo and others.

First one is called as Luxo Jr. and presented as a landmark at history of animation, the only characters in the film are two ordinary desk lamps. It became famou, because there were captured human emotions with no humans or animals at the scene, all the things were created by computer graphics (remember it is 1986, I was two years old at this time ;).

Interesting facts about that film – the reactions after premiere. As most traditional artists were afraid of the computers, and fact that computers animation might change them. It should be just another approach at the industry, that opened doors for other people here.

This lamp becomes one of the logo actor of the Pixar company, I think that this animated logo is present, as far as I remember it was at Ratatouille. Moreovr interesting fact, how many awards was rewarded to this short two minutes film. For nowadays it looks simple, but imagine what about 21 years ago ?