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Apple Developers Sense of Humor.

Humor is about networking. Since I’ve got MacBook every time I’m very surprised, how easy to get working network sharing between Mac-Windows, Windows-Windows scenario asks for more effort.

Well, do you know how Mac OS is showing Windows computer as neighbor, look

Network Sharing

It’s kinda of legacy CRT monitor with some error displayed.

Mac OS computer in the network shares face, it looks completely different.

Network Sharing 2


However, there supposed to be one bug ! Shall we report it to Apple ?

When you want to connect to remote computer manually,

Finder —> Go —> Connect to Server

Windows PC folder is displayed with nice Apple Cinema display 😦

Diagrams in Mac OS, OmniGraffle !

How many times I had in mind these thoughts ? Not easy to remember. Today about diagrams in MacOS

Some time ago one person said (c), translation,

when people are asking me about the specific software in Mac. The answer is that alternative program exists, that could make you to think about switch to Mac OS.

Omnigraffle is total “must-have” for people, who needs quality and stylish diagrams. I can say the easy way to great result (as usually).


This is just simple example (I hope author will not be angry about copyrights :D).

Very valuable feature of this program is simplicity, interface is user-friendly and very similar to iWork products. So if you are familiar with Keynote, Pages, stylish diagram should not be the problem for you at Mac OS.

Actually, there is no need to be familiar with iWork set, program usage is very intuitive – simple in other words.

Nice stencils, copy-paste any image to diagram, each device positioning and information about distance to other objects when moving, these are just few Omnigraffle features.

I do not believe that competitive products could be easier than that.

Especially, when I remember my titanic fights with few programs, when I promised to myself: “I will write my master thesis in Linux, completely”. But I missed application like this, when work was in progress.

How, Mr. Boginskis (almost) purchased first gadget from e-bay.

I have used to avoid purchasing things from e-bay.

This Friday I was at the payment confirmation, then some mysterious forces told me to stop.

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The way to make Quicktime play all files.

It is not possible to play AVI, DiVX and some other Media Types with default Quicktime and without additional codecs.

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Uncounted reason to switch…

Well, it is iLife08. There are few programs go with it. Some of them are really for specific cases.

For example iMovie is extremely handy, when you need to edit and finalize filmed episodes by private-camera. GarageBand to create music in the interactive way.

But today’s topic is not about these nice programs, today about iPhoto 08. Cheap ‘point and shoot’, not cheap ‘point and shoot’, professional cameras, almost everyone has camera and takes photos (isn’t it ? ).

So sooner or later there is requirement to manage photos, iPhoto is one of the easiest way to get things done (that I’ve seen).

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