Latvian National Symbol

Do you know which is national symbol of Latvia ?

You may think it could be Coat of Arms, for others it may be Auseklis [at least for National Awakers]. For me both are far from current latvian nation spirit.

Current symbol of Latvia is this road sign,

Latvian Symbol

Whenever you are going in Latvia, everywhere you are followed by the sign and by “good” and “best quality” roads, which are the brand name for this road sign…

I agree that Latvian climate environment isn’t too much comfortable for good roads without proper care [relatively cold in winter and relatively warm at summer]. Perhaps big transit flow of big tracks is guilty for our roads quality, perhaps traces of Latvian tradition to make stuff uncompleted then come and fix it after time. I don’t have any precise clues, why Latvian roads everywhere followed by the sign. Lithuanian roads are experiencing similar transit flow, but they roads are looking much better.

I dream that sometime I’ll drive by nice Latvian road, which is similar to Estonian roads in Valga district, and can enjoy driving not slalom as usually …

One response to this post.

  1. mēs spriedām kādreiz, ka vienkārši Latvijā iebraucot pie robežām varētu uzlikt zīmi nelīdzena ceļa zona (vismaz nebuutu šīs te tevis uzradiitaa tik daudz jaizliek)


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