Future’s real ! Wireless Electricity.

People are working on stuff, we’re just dreaming about…

>… SAN FRANCISCO — Intel has made progress in a technology that could lead to the wireless recharging of gadgets and the end of the power-cord spaghetti behind electronic devices … source

Wireless electricity can you believe it ? Perhaps our kids will never be disturbed by ‘too much cables’ problem, every tiny device will be power supplied by air…

Wireless Electricity

The concept of Intel tests and research presentation consists of two antennas, one antenna is transmitting enough power to supply 60W battery attached to the second antenna. 60W of course is not too much, but it’s great start for small devices battery charge. Currently working distance is very small, wireless electricity looses effectivity as soon as distance is being increased for few meters, as well nothing about impact by magnetic field created by transmitting electricity between source and device …

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  1. two words for you: nikola tesla


  2. I know,
    Ok, probably for someone this would be useful information. Nicola Tesla was the first who invented/patented wireless electricity, [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wireless_energy_transfer#Tesla_patents]
    Ideas were silently forgotten. Intel isn’t pretending to change all the electricity infrastructure, they’re just saying, it would be nice to use wireless power supply for home appliances.


  3. Posted by mister009 on September 3, 2008 at 8:36 am

    Tesla was robbed!!


  4. Interesting page / hope to visit again.


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