When I go home at the end of the day, hei hei !

Daily routine is back, wake up in the morning at 6:15, hot/cold/hot/cold shower, symbolic breakfast, 6:53 go out from home take my car and drive to work, work from ±7.30-45, 12:45 lunch at Latvijas gaze, 16:30 when I go home, up to 19:30 playing my “game”, dinner, home works, reading book, then sweet dreams …

Vacation left a lot of positive emotions, in the way that it’s again big pleasure to do my job, probably it’s for the short amount of time, maybe not. But now I’m too enthusiastic, especially when I’m testing Xen [free virtual machine incorporated in our OS], when it’s necessary to solve some “slippery” problems, when I need to concentrate and dig into the stuff that was too complicated before the vacation…

So it’s not only good when vacation starts, but also very good when it ends. Because infinite vacation might be so booooring.


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  1. Now i understood that for me to read in English now is much more better than in russian. I really want looooong vacation but only when i will have my own appartment


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