Holiday plans

Due to infinite queues at PMLP departments and some other circumstances, we are forced to abandon idea of the Great Eurotrip this summer. Two people and only one valid passport, the reason why trip was transformed to the Baltic trip. We have two official workings weeks for the vacation and here is approximate plan, where to spend it,

Friday 01.08,

Vacation starts on Friday from 16:00. As soon as work is over, press acceleration as much as possible on the Venstpils highway. The main reason of Ventspils visit is <a href=”; Prāta Vētra [BrainStorm] concert.

Saturday 02.08,

Ventspils beauties such as old town, cows expositions, Lemberg’s house are already waiting for us. Due to the plan changes, we need to get back in Riga on Saturday, probably on the way back to home, we will go to Tervete or some other unvisited place to try some delicious local food.

Sunday 03.08,

The last chance to get electricity fixed at our kitchen. Right now we have 1 fat raw wire from the wall and 3 devices: dishcare, cooker and cooking surface. Task to split smoothly wire into 3 parts. If accidently there will be some free time, we will go to swim on the sea.

Monday 04.08,

Sooner or later passport question should be resolved, so we are going to Aizrkraukle PMLP. I heard rumors about huge queues in Aizkraukle PMLP department as well, usually huge queue when there are more than on people in the line. I hope it won’t take full day, that’s why on the afternoon Cinevilla is looking for us.

Tuesday 05.08,

In Latvia everyone should have family doctor, if you don’t have family doctor, then you pay 10x more for drugs. At the morning we are going to register for some family doctors, so it can take care of us in the future 🙂 After medicine procedures we are planning to visit Rigas Open Air Museum.

Wednesday 06.08,

From early morning we will go to Ligatnes Nature park, which is going to open at the August 1.

Thursday 07.08,

Back to Aizkraukle to get brand new red Latvian passport and straight on to the Daugavpils, where my parents live.

Friday 08.08,

Have a nice time somewhere in Daugavpils or near it.

Saturday 09.08 – Tuesday 12.08,

Boat trip on Žeimena river, 4 days in river with boats and without civilization [computer, mobile phones, only photo camera]. Aproximate route is near 100 km long.

Wednesday 13.08,

Back to Riga and looking for the teen best-seller “The Dark Knight.

Thursday 14.08 – Sunday 17.08,

TBA, to be assigned.


3 responses to this post.

  1. “Lemberg’s house are already waiting for us”… 😀


  2. I like your approach – every day of vacation a busy day 🙂


  3. Kzh, your approach is more extreme for vacations. I feel a little envy about your craziness to spend all vacations days in foreign country. It would be hard for me to live all the time there,


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