Season Tickets for Dinamo Riga ?

Interestingly, Are Latvian hockey fans ready ?

Reincarnated Dinamo Riga announced that CHL/KHL season tickets will be available for purchase from the next week.

Season Ticket prices are from 150 LVL to 500 LVL, roughly speaking 300$ – 1000$. If we will look across the ocean, NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers season ticket price is starting from 1000$, and 1000$ equivalent costs 4000$, 4 times difference.


I’m curious, how many people can pay 150-500 Ls for hockey at once. When you pay a lot of money, you want to use them fully. I’m not ready to predict, whether I can attend all games during the season. If you attend all games without season ticket, you overpay for 4-6 games. Regular game ticket price is 7, 10, 12 LVL [40$ – 100$ in NHL]. What will be the average game attendance ?! Arena Riga can get up to 10 000 attendants. During entire season, it’ll be very hard to get full stadium for every game.

Are Latvians hockey fans ready to pay 150/500 LVL once for season hockey games ?!

It’s great to have big hockey in Riga, but expenses might be inappropriate as for club management as for fans …

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