Olympus E-520, fighting with RAW

New camera – new headaches.

Recently I purchased my first DSLR, I decided to store photos in RAW.JPG is easier and faster way to store and save images from camera, in terms of HDD space it’s few times effective. But camera provides options to save in RAW, why should I use JPG then ?

RAW takes more time to get photos from camera to ready state. Additional [$$$] software is required to proceed RAW images. Olympus E-520 saves images in ORF format, it’s being used by few older Olympus cameras, as E-520 is very new model [release on May], many “traditional” RAW programs refuse to work with Olympus E-520. List of traditional programs and their relations to Olympus E-520 RAW,

+ Olympus Master 2 [Free], alma-mater software provides support for E-520 RAW images for sure. I’m using it now. It’s seriously slow for me, no too much functions for RAW processing, not too comfortable work with the photo batch.

+ Olympus Studio 2 [100$ for US customers, 100 EUR for EU customers], it offers fast RAW processing and good options with working on batch. Time by time I consider to buy it for my Macintosh, but discriminate software price for European market is a barrier.

Apple Aperture [199$], legendary Aperture doesn’t support E-520 at this moment, most likely HUGE resources were devoted to IPhone2 software development. We can wait in the near future, that they will add support for E-520

± Adobe Lightroom [299$], currently software lacks direct support for E-520 RAW, Adobe is working on support for Olympus E-520 support.

! DNG converter, one workaround exists how to get E-520 RAW to Lightroom, Aperture or any other program you use. Adobe is offering their publicly available DNG format, that is recognizable by most existing RAW software. DNG question is very arguable, from one hand format is supported by different softwares and camera proprietary RAW format isn’t issue for RAW software anymore, but from other hand more resources required to convert your camera RAW to DNG.

P.S. Currently I’m waiting and at least have reasonable excuse, why I haven’t get ready all my photos 🙂 I’m trying to decide, what to do with RAW,

? use Olympus Studio,
? wait for ORF support in Aperture or Lightroom,
? convert all RAW to DNG and use Aperture and Lightroom now.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Striped on July 22, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    Your reasonable excude isn’t accepted! 😀
    Better use Olypmus Studio!


  2. use free DNG converter, and then use any software you like – you will be able to switch during free trial


  3. That’s what I did.

    1) Converted all images from ORF to DNG;
    2) Saved DNG on separater Folder RAW —> July on external HDD;
    3) Installed Aperture 2 on my MacBook.


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