Baby in Led Zeppelin I

Yesterday, I discovered one weird thing. Before I didn’t pay attention how many times word baby is repeated in one of the greatest albums of all times “Led Zeppelin I”, I enjoyed music ! Results shocked me. Robert Plant is far ahead of many “shitty” pops bands for repeating word “baby” in songs. With the one small difference, “shitty” pops bands don’t have anything more except repeating “baby baby I love, yeee”, and Led Zeppelin is Led Zeppelin. If you don’t know or like Led Zeppelin, shame on you, you are missing too much in your life.

Led Zeppelin

All of the songs from the “Led Zeppelin I” contain word baby, with one small instrumental exception “Black Mountain Song”, when Robert Plant [vocalist] is keeping silence, results for Led Zeppelin I. So Led Zeppelin baby is extremely worth, certainly one of the most expensive baby for all times [if you will look in sold albums number],

Good Times Bad Times – 1
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You – 32
You Shock Me – 9
Dazed and Confused – 6
Your Time is Gonna Come – 3
Black Mountain Side – Instrumental
Communication Breakdown – 1
I Can’t Quit You Baby – 5
How Many More Times – 5

Total: 62 times !!!

For the years this baby doesn’t disturbed me to enjoy “Good Times Bad Times”, “Dazed and Confused”, “Your Time is Gonna Come”, “Communication Breakdown”, “I Can’t Quit You Baby”, “How Many More Times”… Well, I can dare that in “Led Zeppelin II” the same baby is counted as much as here. Interestingly, is it real baby[babies] or just obscure ?

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  1. From led Zeppelin II: (baby + babe)
    Whole Lotta Love – 11
    What is and what should never be – 10
    The Lemon Song – 26
    Thank You – 0
    Heartbreaker – 0
    Living Loving Maid – 1
    Ramble On – 34 (record so far!)
    Moby Dick – 0 (now that’s now wonder, as it is a drum solo)
    Bring it on Home – 9

    Total: 91

    Digging Led Zep because of the lyrics probably isn’t such a good choice after all 🙂


  2. Yes, I though about Led Zeppelin II, I didn’t dig or blame them for lyrics. I just love Led Zeppelin, because they are Led Zeppelin and I don’t care whether they sing about the baby or Chicago district.


  3. Good Time Bad Times is featured on Check it out at


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