Almost everybody has a tent. I also own 6 Ls [12$] tent, that you can buy in any product store in Latvia. I was very happy about my tent, probably I used it rarely. Sooner or later I would face common cheap tent problem, resistance against heavy rains.

To be prepared to live 2 weeks in the forest, I decided that now it’s correct time to get new tent, more serious one. I think that I need only 3 things from ‘good’ tent,

– easy installation —> means fast;
– double layer material —> means rains protection;
– small additional place/room —> for dirty socks.

I’ve checked, it’s local store which offers quality tourism stuff. I realized that good tent price is not 5 Ls, and I was ready to invest 50-70 Ls [100$ – 140$]. I decided to take Lafuma BAIA 3,

Lafuma Tent

I liked it design and there were all things included, I mentioned before. But sales guy told me: “No way man !!! Don’t take this tent, it has some problems with water protection”. I was surprised, usually sales guy has task to sell the thing, AND to make customer happy usually is secondary thing. Not, this time. There is a warranty for the tent and you can return, but it’s nice that they warned me.

Finally I decided to take another more cheap model “Summertime 2/3”. Traditional one,

Lafuma Tent

I got the morale, is taking care of their customers, that makes me to return back to them, when I’ll need other tourism stuff. And Lafuma BAIA 3 model has problems with rain protection [in case you are considering to buy it, look for another one].


3 responses to this post.

  1. too bad, the red one looks pretty good. although green is better, nobody sees you when you camp inside their bushes or next to their property 🙂


  2. Red one is very attractive for the gipsies. Green once can protect from them, but it won’t protect from mad dogs of the property owner.


  3. Red one protects from mad drivers, who drive with defenders through long, big grass where you are camping 😀 😀 😀


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