In the long run there’s still time to change the road

… Young man worked as a runner in an advertising firm. One day he said to his manager, “I’m leaving. I’m going to be a drummer.” The manager said, “I didnt know you played the drums.” He replied, “I dont, but I’m going to.” A few years later that young man played in a band with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce…He became what he wanted to become before he knew he could do it. He had a goal… His name is Ginger Baker.

Long time before I thought that every person has purpose in the earth and own dedicated field. Line when you are born, stars are showing that you should be a dustbin man and you do.

Later, I realized only person decides whether its “life purpose” to be a policeman, dustbin man, president or criminal. The choice is being strongly influenced by society, school, university, television… But it’s not rock or stars choice.

Very hard to change things when you are “in”, you are working as a policeman. Some things you like and some don’t, but it’s not your childhood dream job when you dreamed about space. You think that current life position is the purpose to be. You have a child, some other obligations, big respect on current positions when it’s so dangerous to make any experiments. Some people do, when they have a goal. Impossible is nothing [adidas slogan], and if you don’t like to be dustbin man, you can change it… Why to do things you do not like ?

P.S. Citation is from book “Whatever you think, Think is opposite”. You can argue about book worthiness, but it contains different ideas, that forced me to reconsider my views about life and person purpose on the Earth.

Crossroads by emio_me

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  1. The Ginger Baker description although is not exactly false does contain some misleading parts. From “After playing for only a few months, Ginger got a job with a local trad jazz band led by Bob Wallis. At the age of 16, he quit his job, left home, and spent a year on the road. ” -> so at first he joined a jazz band and then quit the job; plus he was just 16, so most likely it wasn’t the case that he had been working up the advertising world ladder for more than a couple of months, so he didn’t have much to lose (plus he was just 16). -> and “Cream” was founded 9 years later.
    It is a nice description and it gives good motivation. But it isn’t exactly accurate.


  2. I agree about the fact, that you do not have much to lose, when you are 16 and especially when you are working as runner.

    Of course when you have family, kids, obligations, you don’t have the same opportunity to say ‘Good Bye cruel world’, but sometimes so much is being lost, when you don’t have enough curiosity.


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